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Our Members and Their Aircraft/Projects
Affiliated Photos and Projects
Young Eagles Flight Rallies
Seventh Annual Scotty Horowitz Going Away Fly-In -- 16 May 1998
Operation Rubidoux Sundown VI -- 21 February 1998
Operation Rubidoux Sundown V -- 22 February 1997
Other Interesting Edwards AFB Pictures
Aircraft Pictorial Tours -- Courtesy of USAF Test Pilot School

  Operation PROVIDE SCHMOOZE -- EAA Vice Grand Poobah for Chapter Stuff Bob Mackey visits Chapter 1000

Our Members and Their Aircraft/Projects

  Gary Aldrich's Cessna 180 in flight
Gary Aldrich and his Cessna 180
Miles Bowen and his Cessna 170B
Another view of Miles' Cessna 170B
Graham Byass' 1950 Auster J1B with a 130HP Gypsy Major engine
Norm Dewitt's aerobatic aircraft (3 photos)
Norm Deveraux's Mustang II
Doug and Gail Dodson's Mooney and Glasair
Ed Dutreaux's RV-4, fitted with very rare underwing baggage pods designed by Mike Arnold of AR-5 fame
Bryan Duke's Varieze (from his web site)
Lee Erb's latest project. Find out what this has to do with airplanes...(3 photos)
Russ Erb, various Bearhawk parts, and the joys of scratch-building. (a mess of photos and other stuff)
George Gennuso's "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" Pulsar (10 photos)
  Bill Grahn's 1949 Piper Clipper (PA-16) and 1958 Cessna 175 (3 photos)
  George Heddy and his Cessna 172XP
  Scott "Doc" Horowitz with his first homebuilt (Tri-Q-200 N200LM) and his first space ship (Columbia) at Ellington Field, Houston on her way to the cape
  Norm Howell and Bob Waldmiller with their Long EZ
  Brian Martinez's Q-200 and Secret Project (5 photos)
  Sten Martinez's Secret Project. This photo of the Artemis AVH-23 Hovertank was snapped by Project Police Intelligence Operatives during recent testing on a local dry lakebed. Details about gross weight, power-to-weight ratio, and any anti-recoil system are classified TOP SECRET-PPYDNTK (Project Police You Don't Need To Know)
John Miltner's grandfather with his homebuilt. This was identified by Dave Tharp to be a Heath Parasol, a popular kit plane in the late 1920's. It used a converted Henderson 4-cylinder inline motorcycle engine, considered extremely reliable at the time.
Dave Munday's Tandem Flybaby (link to 12 photos on his web site)
Bernie Nitz's Varieze
Jim Piavis' gorgeous (now flying) Boredom Fighter (several photos)
Bill Piavis' TS-11 Iskra. Badly in need of paint, this is the status as of delivery. Aircraft suffered Bubba-raid (Georgia version of the Project Police) once at the home-drome in Georgia. "Miss Piggy" was found written in the dust on the side of A/C.
Chris Reeder's Pitts Special, prior to recovering
Gary Sobek's RV-6 N157GS (4 photos)
Bob Waldmiller's story of Excalibur, his +10g aerobatic redesign of the Corby Starlet
Bob Waldmiller's Grand Champion-class firewall forward overhaul of Piper Cherokee 140 N554FL. Immediately upon completion of this overhaul, N554FL was sold to Terry Tomeny. (4 photos)
Jenna Ware's Cessna 120 "Jenna's Dream"
Allison Erb, age 1-1/2, test pilots an Aviation Products Tiger Moth pedal plane built by Russ Erb for Bob Waldmiller's niece.
Allison Erb, now age 5, test pilots her Aviation Products Pedal Pitts built by Russ Erb. This aircraft has been a continual big hit at the Edwards AFB Open House and the Fox Field National Air Races.
Arielle Horowitz, age 2, pilots Scott "Doc" Horowitz's (aka "Dad") latest homebuilt, an Aviation Products Pedal Christen Eagle.
The Chapter 1000 Booth at the 1997 Fox Field National Air Races. This booth has been referred to be the "most over-engineered piece of plywood on the planet" and is rumored to be stressed to +9/-6 g's symmetric, +6/-1 g's asymmetric.
A super-secret meeting of the Project Police at the Edwards AFB Burger King (aka "BK") following a chapter meeting.
The 1997 Fly-In of the Sport Aircraft Association of Australia (SAAA) at Langley Park in Downtown Perth, Australia. Langley Park was the site of the original airport in Perth, and now spends most of its days as athletic fields. Every three years, the soccer goals are cleared out of the way and the SAAA are invited back for a Fly-In to celebrate the old days. The grass strip is about 1500 meters long (that's 4900 feet to us Yanks) but the approaches can be rather exciting. It appears that CASA* standard 50 foot trees have been planted all around the airstrip. This photo was taken by Graham Byass from a Bell 47 Helicopter. You can even see the skid in the lower left corner. Graham delivered this photo to Chapter 1000 in person when he stopped by to visit for a day on his way to Oshkosh 1997. Graham has since demonstrated what a smart guy he is by joining Chapter 1000, and is now commanding Det 10, Perth, Australia.
*CASA - Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia--their equivalent to the FAA. Now don't ask why there is not an additional A on the end of the abbreviation but that is the way it is.

Affiliated Photos and Projects

Secret photos taken by Project Police Intelligence Operatives of the Giles G-300 at Fox Field in September 1997. The Giles G-300 is reported to be a single seat aerobatic aircraft based on the airframe of the two seat G-202 with, of course, a humongous engine. This G-300 belongs to Bob and Marta Meyer.
Tail view of the Giles G-300.

Young Eagles Flight Rallies

Pictures from recent Chapter 1000/49 Young Eagles Flight Rallies

Seventh Annual Scotty Horowitz Going Away Fly-In, Rosamond Skypark, 16 May 1998

Our favorite astronaut returns just in time to be sent away again (24 photos)

Operation Rubidoux Sundown VI, Flabob International Airport, Home of EAA Fiefdom 1, 21 February 1998

A pictorial essay of the adventures of the Project Police Tactical Assault Force at the EAA Chapter 1 1998 Open House (21 photos)

Operation Rubidoux Sundown V, Flabob International Airport, Home of EAA Fiefdom 1, 22 February 1997

Photographic evidence of the Project Police's inspection of Chapter 1 (4 photos)

Other Interesting Edwards AFB Pictures

Read about what the 5000 lb experimental homebuilt Beaver has to do with the Flight Advisor program and answer the question "When are dry lakebeds not?" (6 photos)

Aircraft Pictorial Tours

Brought to you by the USAF Test Pilot School
Grumman HU-16A Albatross
Beech E-18S Super 18
Fouga CM-170 Magister

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