Download Young Eagles Flight Certificate Printer for Windows

WinYEFC 3.2 is a program primarily for overprinting name, date, aircraft, and location on the Young Eagles Certificate. It runs under Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98, and Windows 2000/XP. Some users have expressed problems getting it to work under Windows ME.

The image of a certificate is presented on the screen, and the appropriate data is typed over it.

The program maintains two databases. One contains data on the pilots in your chapter and their aircraft. The other contains information on the Young Eagles flown, automatically entered as each certificate is printed.

Additionally, the pilot information on the lower half of the registration form can be automatically be printed by the program using data from the pilot database. This can greatly reduce the paperwork burden at Young Eagle Flight Rallies.

WinYEFC 3.2 is well documented in a Windows-type Help File.

To install WinYEFC 3.2, download WinYEFC 3.2 (806K), run the self-extracting archive in a temporary directory, then run SETUP.EXE.

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