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The following are technical articles that have appeared in The Leading Edge, newsletter of Chapter 1000. Except where noted, these articles are the original work of members of Chapter 1000.

How I had so much time during my Christmas and New Years break yet seemed to accomplish so little (January 1992) - If it's not one thing, it's another. Read about the importance of proper humidity control when skinning a fuselage with plywood. Also, Norm does some rhinoplasty on his Long-EZ.

The Saga of Bruce's RANS S-10... (April 1992) - The first 250 hours of building a tube and fabric kitplane.

Details, details... (May 1992) - Techniques for making professional looking transfer decals for your instrument panel or where ever.

Chapter 1000 Standard Work Tables (June 1992) - Plans and instructions for building the incredibly versatile and useful Chapter 1000 Standardized Work Tables -- you need some of these!

In Defense of the Composite Homebuilder (October 1992) - Debunk the myths about composite construction. Find out why all Long-EZs are white. Also covers advantages and disadvantages of composite construction.

Glasair Fuel Vent Master's Thesis (February 1993) - Doug Dodson details a solution to the problem of fuel vents letting all the fuel run out on less than level ramps.

In Defense of FAR 23 (March 1993) - Why FAR 23 is not FAA harrassment, but a collection of proven engineering design standards.

One Hour Flight Test Program to Determine Aircraft Climb Performance (May 1993) - Rocky and Bullwinkle detail how to quickly check your Pilot Operating Handbook climb charts or create a climb chart with just one hour of flight time.

Frostbite Falls Flyer Foils Foul Fossil Fueled Fallacy (August 1993) - Rocky and Bullwinkle repeat their climb test after fixing a major exhaust restriction.

Maximum Endurance, Maximum Range, and Optimum Cruise Speeds (October 1993) - How to determine your best performance speeds.

Erbman's Engine Emporium (December 1993 - March 1994) - Find out more about your engine than intake-compression-power-exhaust. Find out what controls the RPM for best torque and best power. Why auto engines turn faster than aircraft engines, and will they wear out faster.

Takeoff Data Standardization (April 1994) - How to standardize your takeoff data to standard day conditions.

A Low Cost Method For Generating Takeoff Ground Roll Charts From Flight Test Data (Society of Flight Test Engineers (SFTE) Paper, November 1996) - An extensive technical paper detailing collection and standardization of flight test takeoff data, and how to expand this data to create takeoff performance charts

One Design Airfoil Analysis (May 1994) - Find out how an airfoil designed for aerobatic use differs from an airfoil designed for cruising.

Egads! How do I know if my homebuilt is airworthy? (August 1994) - A quick rundown on areas to check on your aircraft.

Pitot-Static Instrument Calibration (September - October 1994) - Learn how to check instrument errors in your airspeed indicator and altimeter without any expensive calibration equipment. Also leak-check your Pitot-static system.

Spot Landing Theory (April 1995) - How to win a spot landing contest, assuming your contest comes equipped with an LSO.

Choosing an Instructor for the Homebuilder (June 1995) - Choose an adaptable instructor, not a rote technician

New Materials (December 1995) - A new core material for fiberglass or wood construction.

GPS Explained (January - February 1996) - An explanation of the Global Positioning System (GPS) as written for the Compuserve AVSIG by IFR magazine in 1992.

Major Breakthrough in Use of Patterns! (November 1996) - So how can I attach this pattern to the material?

Gascolator Bracket Design (December 1996) - Another design from Chapter 1000's Master Designer

Paint Booth II!? (December 1996) - Design tips on building a paint booth

Theory of Rod Bolts and Other Prestressed Bolts (May 1997) - How connecting rod bolts withstand huge cyclic loads

Oil Pressure (May 1997) - What that gauge is really telling you

Attaching Lexan® and Plexiglas® (May 1997) - How to guard against those nasty cracks

The Exciting Adventures of Pin Hole Filling, or How To Make It Snow in Your Garage in Ten Easy Steps (August 1997) - A review of Poly-Fiber Smooth Prime

Notes On Working With Acrylic (November 1997)

4130 Steel -- My Observations (January 1998)

To G or Not To G - or How To Avoid Breaking Your Airplane (February 1998) - All about maneuver speed, and why your 6 g airplane may not be

Chapter 1000 Electrical Workshop (March 1998) - Report on Charlie Wagner's workshop. Includes links to suppliers of things electrical

Major Surgery on Brian Martinez's Q-200 (May 1998) - Brian cuts his wing off and reattaches it to fix an excessive trim problem

Alternator B-Lead Circuit Breakers (June 1998) - Find out why they're there

Maintenance Guidelines For The Owner-Pilot/Builder (June 1998)

Zen and the Lost Black Art of Antennae (July/August 1998)

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