Chris Reeder Moves To Texas; Cited With Gross Buffoonery!

Russ Erb

Originally published June 1999

Casual discussions by the Project Police with Larry and Jane Barrett, owners and operators of Mountain Valley Airport in Tehachapi, revealed that Project Police Officer Chris Reeder finally made it successfully to Sheppard AFB in time to start USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training. We still have not heard from him with his new mailing address (so he's not seeing this), possibly because he is not willing to admit his Gross Buffoonery to the Project Police Board of Inquiry.

You may recall that Chris was madly working all hours of the night at Mountain Valley Airport to complete the recover and upgrade to his Pitts Special in time to fly it to Texas instead of trucking it. The Pitts is equipped with a main fuel tank in the fuselage and a smaller reserve fuel tank in the upper wing. As Chris was winging his way toward Texas, he seemed to be running out of fuel far earlier than he expected. Eventual inspection of the aircraft revealed that in the rush to get it out the door, Chris had labeled the fuel selector BACKWARDS, with main being reserve and reserve being main! Since the reserve tank is smaller than the main tank, he was experiencing fuel starvation far earlier than he expected.


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