Top Ten Advantages of UAVs

Originally published June 1998

10. UAVs don't need crew rest.

9. UAVs don't hog all the seats at the Officers Club during Happy Hour.

8. You don't have to call UAVs by some dumb nickname.

7. It doesn't bother UAVs that they don't know their parents.

6. UAVs don't have egos greater than all outdoors.

5. UAVs don't embarrass you at social functions by molesting the opposite sex and playing aircraft carrier on a beer soaked table.

4. UAVs don't throw up on your spouse's clothes.

3. UAVs don't need $100.00 sunglasses to hide their bloodshot eyes.

2. UAVs don't bitch about not having carpeting, cable TV and a Jacuzzi tub when deployed, and finally...

1. You don't have to pay UAVs enormous amounts of per diem, a leather jacket, higher promotion rates, and bonus money to do a job they volunteered for.

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