EAA in Sweden

Nils Eyton, Chapter 222, Sweden

Originally published April 1997

EAA Chapter 222 in Sweden is organized with one chapter for the whole country. This makes it difficult to have good contact with all members, but gives a good rapport with "our FAA." They only have one board to talk policy with instead of many separate builders. For experimentals, they do as we ask them. Well, almost.

They have agreed that all builders must work through EAA. Each builder gets an EAA designated inspector who not only helps them do it right the first time, but the inspector must give a competent answer to all builder questions, if necessary through someone else. Good, it is no help for the builder if I just shrug my shoulders and say "Don't know."

We have gone a bit further than the Flight Advisor system, too. The pilot for the first few flights must be approved by EAA chapter board or by our "Chief of Flight Operations" and given a training program to be done on a similar or same type, mainly motorless landings and emergency actions.

We cannot afford more accidents with "these dangerous experimentals."

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