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The following are interesting articles that have appeared in The Leading Edge, newsletter of Chapter 1000, but don't conveniently fit in any of our other categories. Except where noted, these articles are the original work of members of Chapter 1000.

PC Based Flight Simulators, Part I (December 1992) - review of Microsoft Flight Simulator and Azuresoft ELITE

PC Based Flight Simulators, Part II (February 1993) - how to build a throttle control

PC Based Flight Simulators, Part III (March 1993) - review of a newer version of ELITE

An Open Letter to the Editor - (November 1993) - thoughts on a gee-whiz go fast low earth orbit aeronautical contrivance

Notes From The Edge (April 1994) - a look at the "dark side" of homebuilding

Another Letter to the Editor (July 1994) - additional thoughts on a short-range electrically powered airplane

Build a Pedal Plane (August 1994) - try out your skills on a small scale aircraft and let your kids have some fun too!

ANR Adapter (May 1995) - product review of a kit to convert your David Clarks into active noise reduction headsets

The Real Answer to General Aviation Renaissance (October 1994) - a response to the fallacy that NASA will be the savior of general aviation

US Air Force to Merge with Lockheed/Martin (October 1994) - What?! Didn't you hear about this major merger?

AFFTC Approved Test Pilot Chili (November 1994) - reported to disappear faster than dry ice in an oven

Tips from the Toy Master (March 1996) - Do you suffer from Gadgetosis Nervosa? Read about the ultimate flashlight (You gotta get one!)

Book Review:  Cessna:  Wings For The World (January 1997) - An excellent book on the flight test and development of your favorite Cessna

A Letter From EAA/HQ (February 1997) - A message from Bob Mackey about Chapter 1000

EAA in Sweden (April 1997) - Read about how the Swedish government's approach to amateur-built aircraft differs from the FAA's

Beating the Heat (June 1997) - Techniques for successful operation in oppressively hot environments, such as the Mojave desert

Photo Tips (June 1997) - Review for your pre-Oshkosh preparations, courtesy of Frank Hanish, EAA Chapter 25

Oshkosh Awards for Chapter 1000 (August 1997)

Interesting Flyout Location (August 1997) - Tulare CA

Workshop Wireless Noise Attenuating Headset System (December 1997) - Listen to your tunes while protecting your hearing

What's All This Fuss About the FARs? (April 1998) - Challenge a few of those paradigms you fly by

Top Ten Advantages of UAVs (June 1998)

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