Oshkosh Awards for Chapter 1000

Originally published August 1997

Even as a young whippersnapper of a chapter at all of 6 years, Chapter 1000 is being recognized as an outstanding chapter in EAA. This year we did the best we ever have in the McKillop Award competition for outstanding newsletters. This year, we made it into the top 10 newsletters at tenth place. That's number 10 out of about 920 chapters, or the top 1.09%. This is significant because only the top 10 newsletters are invited to send a representative to the Oshkosh award ceremonies to receive an actual award. Preferably, this would be the newsletter editor, but in our case we sent Norm. Meanwhile, Russ was still back at TPS accomplishing the mission and running Norm's division for him. (Okay, there was a lot more to it than just that, but the true reason Russ wasn't there would take a lot longer to explain and would be much more boring. Ne'ertheless, the above statement is still true.) This is still quite an honor, as Norm suspects that most of the newsletters that scored higher were printed in color and/or printed on 11"x17" paper--things that the technology exists for us to do, but at an incredible increase in cost (read: much higher due$). As such, we are quite thrilled with the results.

Don't think that all of the credit should go to your newsletter editor--if you have contributed anything to the newsletter in the last year, then you deserve some of the credit! While the newsletter editor does write some of this stuff, he can't do it all. Mostly it's just putting together and formatting the stuff that the fine members of Chapter 1000 submit--so keep that good stuff coming!

As mentioned earlier, Russ Erb received the Young Eagles Outstanding Ground Volunteer for 1997 award. This was primarily in recognition of his program WinYEFC for overprinting names and flight information on Young Eagles Certificates. If you have been at any of our Young Eagles Rallies, you've probably seen the gorgeous certificates that spit out of Russ's printer. Russ made this program available to anyone and everyone through EAA Headquarters, where it has been adopted as the official certificate printing software. Copies are available 1) directly from Russ, 2) by writing to the Young Eagles Office, or 3) by downloading it from the Chapter 1000 Web Site or the National EAA Web Site. Norm again accepted the award from Gen Chuck Yeager, Honorary Chairman of the Young Eagles Program in front of an estimated 10,000 people. Steve Buss was reported to quip that he uses WinYEFC, and if he can, then anybody should be able to. Again, some credit goes to the members of Chapters 1000 and 49, especially Concha Trippensee, Connie Farmer, George Heddy III, and David McAllister for their fine leadership of our Young Eagles program, and Victoria Rosales who faithfully works the registration desk with Russ and makes sure that he doesn't spend all of his time talking and gets the certificates out. Without a great chapter program in place, there wouldn't have been much motivation to write a program that would be of such use to everyone in EAA.

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