An Open Letter to The Editor

Originally published November 1993

Tuesday, 28 September, 1993

Norm Howell
Lord High Exalted Editor and Third Chief Poobah
EAA Chapter 1000
4400 Knox Ave.
Rosamond, CA 93560

Yo Capt'n DUDE:

Good thing I am not in any way affiliated in any shape of form with the PROJECT POLICE or YOU WOULD HAVE FOUND YOURSELF IN DIRECT VIOLATION of whatever appropriate section and paragraph that should be quoted, of whatever vapid regulation the PROJECT POLICE operate asunder regarding hostility hospitality you neglected to portend during my arrival Saturday. As I understand it, you were guilty of violating the following regulations:

EAFB/EAACH1000 reg 20500 sect 3 par F: Failure to provide an AVIATOR (and COPILOT) with welcome and refreshments after FLYING INTO and TAXIING direct Rosamond Skypark. I understand that this may be your second violation.

EAFB/EAACH1000 reg 26500 sect 4a par 16-20: Failure to provide current status (either visually or verbally) of 1 ea. grazing style fiberglass log aircraft.

FAR 291.006(a): Failure to provide itinerant aviators with the appropriate hardcopy current navigation aid/amendments to POH regarding operations at remote landing sites.


Fortunately, the Honorable R.J. Waldmiller was present and saved your miserable tushie.

Corrections to the September NEWSLETTER: I have installed the advanced version AN/PATAD 28140/172160 SPAM optical target acquisition device including high resolution Mk II near focus sensors, and hope to install a MIL-A-8625 ty II cl B weapon delivery system to spec QQ-M-4130 as soon as such becomes declassified.

The real reason for this letter is: Since I cannot seem to ever make the beginning of the meeting, I thought that I would propose to the membership an exercise in being creative.

My Proposal: Whereas EAA Chapter 1000 has as its membership possibly the most elite of the Aerospace industry (such as it is any longer), including research, design, manufacturing engineers, and admittedly superb testing resources, it should be resolved that the general membership produce design criteria and subsequently cause to be manufactured, quantity ONE (1) ea. prototype designation "state-of-the-art", cheap to build, mixed construction GEE-WHIZ go fast person carrying low earth orbit aeronautical contrivance. Such aircraft to be flown to Oshkosh, and other places, so as to illustrate what existing technologies can do for the average homebuilder. I wish to boldly suggest some criteria:

Pete K. Moore

P.S. Sun, Oct 3 is looking like Pacer Ride Day. You are invited.

P.P.S. When is the next Young Eagles event?

P.P.P.S. You need a number on your hangar.

Pete, we couldn't meet all your expectations for the "GEE-WHIZ go fast person carrying low earth orbit aeronautical contrivance" but the EAA Chapter 1000 design committee did the best it could. It doesn't have a canard, it easily carries lots of stuff, and it's a little bit acrobatic--(as long as you don't get it inverted). The best part is it's water cooled and goes a long way without a fillup. What do ya think?

A Camel!

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