A Letter From EAA/HQ

Bob Mackey

Originally published February 1997

EAA Wings

January 27, 1997

Mike Pelletier, President
EAA Chapter 1000
6841 Lindbergh Ave.
Edwards, CA 93523

Dear Mike:

Hey, what's goin' on in Southern California? Back here in cheesehead-land we are enjoying our flying weather and celebrating our Green Bay Packer Super Bowl victory!

I just received the January issue of "THE LEADING EDGE" and read with interest your "resolutions" for 1997 (for the Chapter that is). I agree with you, don't make resolutions unless there is a chance of them happening. For years I have always resolved myself to losing weight and getting in shape. Well, I have gotten into shape (rounder), but forget the losing weight. Regardless, having some goals for the Chapter makes sense and should help your Chapter grow.

I like your goals! Getting your Board of Directors involved, letting them run the business end of the Chapter, is a good idea. Program activities, membership growth, having more fun these could almost be rolled into one goal. They just require the right mix, a little too much of one or the other could create a problem. I would suggest one more goal, flying Young Eagles. I know your Chapter will be doing this, yet why not make it a goal?

Mike, EAA Chapter 1000 is a fine bunch of people! EAA is lucky to have such great members. Your goals are admirable and I am glad to see you are setting them and getting the Chapter to buy-in. Please let me know how things are going and if I can lend a hand. If you get a chance, I would really like to get a couple of articles and some pictures so that I can put them into SPORT AVIATION. Thanks for all of your support! KEEP THE SPIRIT!


EAA Wings
Bob Mackey
Executive Director
EAA Chapters



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