Useful FARs

Ron Alexander

Adapted from Sport Aviation, May 1997
Phase of Construction FAR Description
Initial Building 21.191 Basic definition of amateur-built
21.175 Classification of airworthiness
21.193 Needed information for experimental licensing
45.22 "N" number rules
45.23 Experimental display
45.25 Location of "N" number
45.29 Size of "N" number
47.15 General information/"N" number
47.33 General information/"N" number
91.205 Instrument and equipment requirements
Advisory Circular 20-27D
Advisory Circular 20-139
Flight Testing 91.305 Flight testing area
91.319 Operating limitations
Advisory Circular 90-89
Normal Operation 21.181 Duration of airworthiness
91.25 Accident Reporting
91.207 ELT requirements
91.319 Operating limitations
Maintenance 21.93 Major and minor alterations
Part 43, Appendix D
Advisory Circular 65-23A
Sale 21.179 Transfer of airworthiness

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