Index to Past Program Summaries

The following are summaries of programs presented at Chapter 1000 meetings that have appeared in The Leading Edge, newsletter of Chapter 1000.

Development of the Pitts S2S (November 1993)

World War II Wasn't Fought By John Wayne (December 1993)

The Future of Aircraft Batteries...Here, Now! (June 1994)

Cockpit PC (July 1995)

Flightcraft Instrument Panels (October 1995)

Barnard Aircraft Components (November 1995)

Don't Be Such A Hosehead! (December 1995)

Franklin Power for Your Aircraft - A User's Perspective (February 1996)

Survival Equipment (May 1996)

Building the Pitts Specials (June 1996)

Homebuilder's Flight Test Course (July 1996)

Shortcuts in Composites (September 1996)

Alodine Protection of Metal Components (October 1996)

T-39 Radar Testbed (November 1996)

Barnard Aircraft Components (December 1996) - the return engagement

The Giles G-202 (January 1997)

Aluminum Wing Rib Forming Techniques (February 1997)

EAA Flight Advisor (March 1997)

High Desert Avionics (April 1997)

Revenge of the Fiber Dudes! (May 1997)

Vintage V-12: Restoring Merlins (June 1997)

Vintage Sailplanes (July 1997)

Pilot-Vehicle Interfaces (August 1997)

Milestones of Flight Museum (October 1997)

Aircraft Wiring Techniques (December 1997 and January 1998)

Project And Dinner, Ver 1998.1 (February 1998) - A visit to HoJo's Giles G-202 project

Chapter 49/1000 Annual EAA Awards Dinner (February 1998)

Composite Aircraft Painting - Jon Goldenbaum of Poly Fiber demonstrates the Flight Gloss composite finishing system

Flying the U-2 (May 1998)

Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft (ARIA) (July 1998)

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