Alodine Protection of Metal Components

Chuck Firth

Originally published October 1996

Charlie (with an able assist from Glenna) gave us a demonstration of the alodine process he uses for his RV6A as this month's main event. Charlie is applying alodine to just about everything aluminum in his project and has worked out a simple, quick, and very effective approach to this effort. Simple because the process does not require extraordinary part preparation, special equipment, or temperature control. Quick because those of us present were able to see Charlie and Glenna take untreated parts and go through all the necessary steps in about 20 minutes. And effective because alodining provides durable anti-corrosion protection for aluminum parts in non-wear uses and a very good prime surface for paint where additional coating is needed.

In preparation for his presentation, Charlie wrote an outline which we've reproduced as a technical article for the newsletter. The outline give you all you need to know to set up and do alodining, and discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages. You'll find it a practical guide and one that will save you money too.

At the conclusion of the program, Glenna invited us to sit down to dinner. Glenna made a big batch of lasagna and the rest of us brought salad, drinks, and desserts. All agreed it was a good way to end the meeting. Naturally, there was a fair amount of yattering and blather about airplanes, but what the hey, that's what EAA is all about. (By the way, if you're in need of a fuel control valve done right, see Charlie. He's got a design and working assembly that controls two tanks with the return going back to the draw tank rather than just one. If you've ever set your tank select valve to the wrong side when both are full, you know you end up pumping fuel overboard until you switch. Fuel is a little to expensive to sprinkle over the countryside, agreed?) Our thanks to Charlie and Glenna for opening their home to us and showing so much hospitality.

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