The Future of Aircraft Batteries...Here, Now!

Originally published June 1994

Of all the equipment installed in your airplane, the one that gets most abused is the battery. Fortunately for most of us, Skip Koss from Concorde Battery gave us all the latest and greatest info on how to take care of batteries and showed us some of the products that Concorde manufactures. For instance, imagine a battery slightly larger than a motorcycle battery which has a 12 ampere-hour rating. Guess how much cranking current this new recombinant gas battery puts out...200...400 amps? Wrong...1100 amps! Holy-heliarc Batman, you can almost weld with that! Yup, and...hmmm...let me see, 1100 amps, 12 volts, that's about 13 kilowatts which is say 17 horsepower... Hey, you can sustain altitude in a Quickie for about a minute with that! Cool! And oh-by-the-way, Bob's Cherokee now sports a Concorde Recombinant Gas RG-35 battery and he can almost taxi with it. He says that when starting the engine, it no longer coughs to just spools up to idle! When you get ready to buy a battery for your plane you might consider using a Concorde battery.

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