Cockpit PC

Originally published July 1995

Folks, this was a totally awesome presentation. We got to see the embedded computer system called "Cockpit PC" from Silvaire Avionics before any other aviation group on the face of this Earth!! It will debut at Oshkosh in a few weeks. The Cockpit PC featured an open architecture and was able to perform engine EICAS functions, moving map displays, or just about any other application. The system runs on its own OS or it can use Windows or OS/2. There is a Lancair 4 down in Chino being fitted with three of the LED screens from the system...the screens are very bright and have a very high viewing angle. Dennis Collins of Silvaire held us all spellbound for more than an hour, and it was really one of the best meetings we have had. Yep, you could easily duplicate the exact look and function of a 777 EICAS in your Pietenpol if you wanted...wouldn't that be neat? Scott? Patricia? OK, maybe not a Pietenpol. Anyhoo, it was a great show and we all enjoyed the meeting. If you weren't there, ya missed a good one.

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