Don't Be Such A Hosehead!

Originally published December 1995

If you are not coming to the meetings, you are missing out on a LOT of great information! Our guest speaker was Dale Henson of Western Coupling Corporation, Mojave, California. He spoke on the proper selection, fabrication, and installation of hose assemblies for light aircraft. One of the more interesting points to be learned from the talk was the fact that teflon type hose (Aeroquip 666) is quite stiff compared to the normal reinforced rubber hoses (Aeroquip 601). This may be a factor for tight engine compartments. Western Coupling is glad to do small homebuilder type orders...they do not have a minimum order like many industrial suppliers. It was another excellent learning opportunity...those that were there really enjoyed the presentation.

If you want more information, contact Mr. Henson at the Mojave Airport, 805-824-4637. His FAX number is 805-824-9242.

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