Upcoming Events and Paramilitary Actions

Originally published February 1994

Although it is probably a serious security breach, we hereby announce that the Project Police are currently forming a Tactical Strike Force for the impending raid on Flabob. Bob Waldmiller was elected Supreme Allied Commander for the 26 February strike, which is code named Operation Rubidoux Sundown. Picture, if you will, our Commander in front of a huge American Flag wearing a chrome helmet and pearl handled revolver, giving us the following inspirational speech as we gird our loins for battle:

We stand at the edge of a great battlefield and even though I've been here only once before, I feel the energy of previous leaders engaging in their own great battles--almost as if I were there with them. Our battle will be equally as great. I've planned a rapid tactical air strike followed by quick and decisive ground assault using a powerful pincer movement around the barbeque pits--an irresistable force (we're here, we're hungry) unstoppable by even the most immoveable defense (ticket line). If you remember nothing else, remember this: You don't get to the head of the barbecue-chicken-dinner line by Project Policing your own EAA Chapter; you get to the head of the barbecue-chicken-dinner line by Project Policing EAA Chapter 1 in Flabob! Now get out there and win one for the Gipper!

In addition to the above secret raid, we have lots of other activities coming up. March 3-5 is the second Cal Aero Expo, and we have lots of discount coupons for the show...it will be held at the FairPlex in Pomona. Also, EAA Chapter 723 will have their fly-in the weekend before ours, on May 15th. The Third Annual Scott Horowitz Going Away Party, Chapter 49 Breakfast, and Chapter 1000 Lunch will be on 21 May 1993 at Rosamond Tactical Air Force Base (L00), whose defenses are said to be virtually impenetrable to the pitiable counter-raids which may be visited upon us by previously vanquished neighboring EAA Chapters. Those aspiring Project Police members from other Chapters should be forewarned that a certain percentage of our high-fructose snacks actually have a neutronium core, causing those who consume them to instantly lose 200 fpm off the climb rate of the next airplane they fly. Best leave cookie consumption to the experts.

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