Project Police Peruse Pitts P-seudo Project

Originally published May 1999

The following PPTAF mission summary has been declassified and released to limited distribution:

In a daring solo raid, PPTAF Kommandant Aldrich inspected Chapter 1000 member Chris Reeder's pseudo-project. Cleverly disguised as an itinerant tow pilot, Aldrich discovered Reeder hiding in Hangar 1 at Mountain Valley Airport (L94) Saturday (25 April 1998) surrounded by his Pitts. The diminutive biplane looked like the Strawman after a Flying Monkey attack. In a statement reminiscent of Norm Howell, Reeder stated his intention to "fly in four days"--although there was a perceptible lack of conviction in his voice. The airplane fuselage had only just arrived from BFL where it received a new covering of Ceconite and dope as well as a fresh paint job. Chris's schedule is driven not only by his desire to fly as much as his desire not to truck the airplane to his new assignment in Texas (teaching the USAF flight instructors how to fly). Workmanship on the project is impressive, considering the time crunch under which Chris is working. The new wooden turtledeck is gorgeous (Thanks to Chapter 1000 Woodwork-meister Bob Waldmiller's advice and counsel). The official PPTAF project assessment will have to wait since, if Chris holds to his schedule, he will be winging his way east before another raid can be mounted. In addition, PPO Aldrich did not carry the dreaded P23DI for fear of it falling into enemy hands. Finally, although Chris did not personally provide HFS, the Raven's Nest restaurant obliged with their 'to die for' rendition of the PPTAF-staple C3 (chocolate chip cookie).

Respectfully submitted,

- Gary Aldrich, PPO/CC

(Having received this report Monday, 27 April 1998, the Project Police Information Czar launched a follow-up raid that afternoon, now cleverly disguised as a soaring student after a successful mission of beating up thermals, and found the facts as stated heretofore to contain at least the daily minimum allowance of truth. A second follow-up raid on Thursday revealed the "fly in four days" to be a pipe (tubing?) dream, as the schedule was merrily slipping to the right...)

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