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The Project Police is one of the best known and most interesting institutions created by EAA Chapter 1000. The following articles describe the Project Police and chronicle their many operations. Subjects include project progress, fly-in reports, visits to aviation museums and sites, or anything else we cared to write about in the newsletter. Best of all, Project Police reports have the distinct tendency to lean toward the humorous. Some of these reports may seem dated, but they are nonetheless entertaining to read. So take your project a little less seriously, and enjoy reading!

Genesis of the Project Police (April 1992) - This is the one that started it all!

Project Police Orientation - What's all this about?!? This one will explain the whole concept to you.

The First Ever Chapter 1000 Airport Barbeque (June 1992) - The Chapter's very first public event.

Project Police Blotter, June 1992 (June 1992) - Project reports on a Long-EZ, Glasair II, and the hazards of trying to land your homebuilt on the numbers.

Project Police Blotter, July 1992 (July 1992) - More project reports, and what happens when the #2 commander on the base gets his own homebuilt project.

Quotable Quotes... (July 1992) - Find out why you need all of those cool gadgets in your airplane.

Project Police Brutality!! (September 1992) - Sacrifice a sprinkler head for the good of the Project Police! Also a report on a BD-5B.

From the Lame Duck Prez... (November 1992) - The out-going president makes a weak attempt to cover his tracks after being caught red-handed by the Project Police.

Project Police on the Road - Moonrise over Needles (November 1992) - Bob notices a rather large CRACK in his rear window on the way to Copperstate '92

Project Police on the Road (Again) (November 1992) - Reports on the Planes of Fame Museum, Flo's Airport Cafe, and Flabob International Airport and the building of the DH.88

Operation Rubidoux Sundown I (March 1993) - Report on the Project Police's first great raid on Flabob. Find out what significant thing Chapter 1000 is known for.

Project Police Raid Elementary School? (April 1993) - So how would you explain aircraft stability to a bunch of 10 year olds?

Interstate Project Police (April 1993) - What might happen to you if you move out of the state and don't update you address in the chapter database.

Project Police At The Camarillo Fly-In (May 1993) - Another fly-in report from the Project Police.

The Project Police Do Aerobatics (June 1993) - President Bob flies with a former member of the Russian Aerobatic Team and gets a Czechoslovakian headache.

Deep In Enemy Territory With The Project Police (June 1993) - Learn more about how an ATC center really operates.

The Project Police and the Great Landing Gear Swap Out (September 1993) - Join Russ and Bruce for the excitement of having you fuselage sliced apart to change out the landing gear mounts.

Upcoming Events and Paramilitary Actions (February 1994) - Be inspired by the rousing speech delivered by President Bob prior to Operation Rubidoux Sundown II.

Operation Rubidoux Sundown II: The Unparalled Success of the Rubidoux Raiders (March 1994) - The Project Police once again sweep through Flabob--A true classic of Project Police writing.

The Project Police boldly go where no one has gone before... (June 1994) - a sweep through through the Camarillian system.

Rosamond Fly-In and BBQ - AWESOME! (June 1994) - Report on the Annual Fly-In and Spot Landing Contest.

Pulsar Update (July 1994) - George gives some pointers on maintaining your motivation while building.

Showdown at the Jackpot Corral (July 1994) - Norm races the Long-EZ and wins the ribbon cutting contest.

Edwards AFB Open House--Big Success--Again! (November 1994) - Pietenpols in Antarctica?

P2-Triple-D-I! (January 1995) - Learn about the Project Police's terror secret weapon.

Chapter 1000 BBQ a Success! (June 1995) - See the results of the Spot Landing Contest at the 4th Annual Scotty Horowitz Going Away Breakfast and Barbecue

Project Police Assault - ABQ/KAFB (November 1995) - Paddles' unique view of the Albuquerque Balloon Festival and meeting with exiled CAP'N BOB.

Project Police Raid on Flabob! (March 1996) - Operation Rubidoux Sundown IV and a meeting with Bob Mackey.

A PPO Rookie in the Big City (May 1996) - A rookie almost makes a big bust at Whiteman Airport

EAA Chapter 49/1000 Embarrass Scott Horowitz For Not Taking Us Along on STS 75 Breakfast and Lunch Fly-In (June 1996) - Our first astronaut attends his 5th Annual Going Away Breakfast and Barbecue and talks about his Space Shuttle flight without using the word "tether"

Project Police Strike Again.....T-18 In the Sights (June 1996) - Travel with the Super Secret Undercover Project Police.

Edwards AFB Open House 1996 (November 1996) - Enjoy the best of the Air Force and homebuilding at an airspeed of 50 knots, and you're not in an open cockpit!

National Air Races and EAA Fly-In 1996 (November 1996) - Jon Sharp walks off with the Formula 1 championship on his home turf and EAA Chapters 49 and 1000 pull off their first really big airshow.

Project Police Negotiating Candy (December 1996) - Make some of these high-fructose snacks and protect yourself from harrassment by the Project Police.

Flyer Leapfrogs Traffic Jams - Joyce Mills and Don Alderson make the front page of the Antelope Valley Press covering Joyce's aerial communting habits in the midst of the 6th Annual Scotty Horowitz Going Away Barbecue and Fly-In.

Project Police Member Held Captive, Escapes! (February 1997) - Cap'n Bob turns the tables on his captors at the Roswell Ramada

Operation Rubidoux Sundown V - Victory! (March 1997) - Reports from multiple sources on the much-hyped operation and the photographic debut of the official Project Police Tactical Assault Force uniform T-shirts

Operation Rubidoux Sundown V - Pictorial Essay

Project Police Officer Saves Hubble Space Telescope (April 1997) - What would NASA do without us? Homebuilding at the EAA Chapter 1000 On-Orbit Detachment

Birth of a Project Police Officer (April 1997) - A cartoon look from Over The Hedge

Building the Chapter 1000 Booth (May 1997) - P5's account of the construction of the "most over-engineered piece of plywood on the planet"

More Quotable Quotes... (May 1997) - Norm does it again, this time on final approach

Chapter 1000/49 Fly-In: The Greatest Party West of Greenwich (June 1997) - Another resounding success for the Sixth Annual Scotty Horowitz Going Away Fly-In

PPTAF Stricken By Mysterious Disease (June 1997) - The only possible explanation for reduced participation in Operation "Allison In Wonderland"

Sesame Street Undercover Project Police (June 1997) - Can you identify the Project Police officer?

Project Police Blotter -- Secret Project Investigated (June 1997) - What's Brian up to now?

Still More Quotable Quotes... (June 1997) - Norm does it yet again, on the subject of flight planning

Another Take on the Birth of a Project Police Officer (June 1997) - A cartoon look from Bizarro

Project Police Take On Tehachapi; Find Gross Buffoonery (August 1997) - Did you really enjoy restoring that vintage glider? Here's how you can do it all over again!

Popular Flying Association International Air Rally (August 1997) - Chapter 1 members travel transatlantic, but still can't escape the Project Police

Aussie Project Police (August 1997) - An Aussie homebuilder finds this web site; comes to visit on his way to Oshkosh

Project Police Influence Spreading (August 1997) - A Chapter 20 member is unexpectedly "inspected" by his collegues

How To Make An Air Fair Fun (September 1997) - Catman's Long-EZ FAQs

Some Stories Just Will Never Die... (October 1997) - More sprinklerheads...

Down Under Report (October 1997) - A visitor to Chapter 1000 from Australia reports what he thought he saw

Oxymorons Inc. (October 1997)

Project Police Launch Lightly Attended Raid on Copperstate (November 1997)

Edwards AFB Open House--Another Giant Success! (November 1997)

Nemesis Dominates Fox Field National Air Races (Again!) (November 1997)

Edwards Open House: A Letter to HQ (November 1997)

Copperstate Fly-In (December 1997)

There I Was, At Oshkosh... (December 1997) - Do laugh, but remember--this could happen to you!

1998 Chapter Leadership Conference (February 1998) - A portion of the Chapter 1000 Leadership spend a day at the "Bob and Bob Show"

Operation Rubidoux Sundown VI - Report To The Membership (March 1998) - The Project Police Tactical Assault Force breaks through the Flabobian defenses, troubleshoots an acceleration problem, spreads EAA goodwill, and maintains its good name.

Operation Rubidoux Sundown VI - Pictorial essay

Quotable Quotes... (March 1998) - Gary Aldrich's criteria for aircraft selection.

The Project Police Raid Van's Aircraft (March 1998) - Officer Payne conducts a covert raid in plain sight.

Seventh Annual Scotty Horowitz Going Away Fly-In - Rosamond Skypark, 16 May 1998 (Pictorial essay)

1998 Copperstate Dash Results

Project Police Long Range Patrol (April 1998) - Officer Firth investigates bobhouses

Project Police Check Out Rocket II (April 1998)

A New Aviator (May 1998)

Project Police Peruse Pitts P-seudo Project (May 1998) - The fun of starting a re-cover job right before moving across the country

Scotty Horowitz Returns To Rosamond; Thousands Flock To Send Him Away Again! (June 1998) - The Seventh Annual Scotty Horowitz Going Away Fly-In as reported in the newsletter

The Transformation of Bob (July 1998) - Normally we don't keep meeting announcements, but this one was too good to throw away

Project Police Long Range Patrol (July 1998) - Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Operation Rubidoux Sundown VII - The Report

Sun'n Fun 1999-or-Doug, Gail, Gary and Russ's Excellent Adventure - Grossly over-detailed accounting of the PPTAF's trip across the country to the big fly-in

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