There I Was, At Oshkosh...

Charleen Beam

Originally published December 1997

(Now how many of you would actually have admitted to this?...)

As all of you who have been to Oshkosh know, finding the time to see and do all the "MUST SEES" and "MUST DO'S" on your list is really quite impossible. This includes making sure you are properly dressed for the weather of the day, and, of course, you need to make sure you are wearing that very, very important EAA Chapter membership badge! So much to do, so little time, right?

Well, I made sure to pin on my favorite chapter badge one day, but then something tragic happened...I lost my badge! I missed the old badge terribly, but somehow I knew...

...several weeks later, I received the following letter in the mail.

"Dear Charleen,

I bet you thought this badge was gone forever. I was taking care of business in the #3 PORTAJOHN just south of the flymarket at Oshkosh when I looked on the floor and found your badge and thought you might like to have it back. Since it was on the floor, God knows what is on it, so I bagged it for you (badge was enclosed in a plastic, ziplock bag). Maybe you should wash it before you wear it.

The badge has covered a lot of ground since you saw it--Oshkosh to Columbus, Ohio to California, about 2000 miles.

Well, I and my dad (85 years old) hope you will again wear it with pride at Oshkosh 1998. Please say hello to your chapter from Chapter 443--"the Wrong Brothers Air Force."

Your fellow EAAer,
Col Tiny Snider
Columbus, Ohio"

Now, isn't this what being an EAA member is all about?

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