Originally published January 1995

Remember last year when we had our usual get together for December but the Test Pilot School was closed and we couldn't get in? We had a better plan this year and ended up having a good time Project Policing Vern Saxon's Sonerai and Terry Tomeny's Velocity kit.

We managed to conduct some chapter business including the passing of the mallet from the outgoing president to the new and introducing the Project Police's new secret weapon--the P2-Triple-D-I! Now, in case you're wondering, this weapon was thoroughly tested on two willing (sorta willing) victims. The device resembles a tire tread depth indicator and works pretty much the same way. In fact the instructions printed on the side of the device read like this:

  1. Hold up in front of builder.
  2. Watch him sweat with fear.
  3. Pause for effect.
  4. Find the largest pile of debris in his workshop.
  5. Insert and read rating.

Some of the ratings are quite humorous. For instance, if a builder has a huge pile of junk stacked up in his workshop, the device will generally come up with "Get A Shop Vac...Quick!" or if there's not enough debris, he may get a comment like "Stop Dreaming and Start Doin'." The Project Police are not totally merciless however. It was revealed during the raid on the Tomeny project that a victim could indeed get a high rating from the Project Police by offering them delicious little treats. The P2-Triple-D-I then magically comes up with an A+ rating regardless of the builder's progress! Oh, in case you're wondering, the term P2-Triple-D-I is short for Project Police Dust Depth Detection Indicator. We all had a pretty good time. A sincere thanks goes out to Vem Saxon and Jan Tomeny for taking the time to show us their projects!

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