Rosamond Fly-In and BBQ - AWESOME!

Originally published June 1994

Well, folks, WE did it! The May 21st Fly-In and BBQ was easily the most successful event we have ever had, bar none. Here's a few statistics:

Aircraft Flown In:70+ est
Aircraft Registered:55
BBQ Tickets Sold:244
Net Profit for Chapter:$404.02

Winner of People's Choice Award:Ray ModertLancair
Runners Up:Scott LiefeldPietenpol
Tony GinnT-18
Chris WankDecathlon

Spot Landings Graded:72
Spot Landing Winner:Bill Crawford

The spot landing contest was the best part of all, since the Project Police were watching, and grading each landing. The grader's comments were posted on the Port-o-Let for all to see. An impromptu sheet went up for people to post excuses, since the Police showed no mercy. Here are some of the comments and rebuttals: "TSWOFB - trailed shock waves on fly-by (Pietenpol)", "TP FL IF - tiger pattern, floated, incomplete flare, but a cool base turn (Navion)", "Gravitationally Challenged (Helio Courier)", "Someone moved the line", "Guy ahead was flying LAX approach", "Couldn't maintain envelope speed over the fence", "Called the ball, OK 3 wire". As you can see in many of the accompaning photos, a great time was had by all and we WILL do it again next year and every year until Scotty and Lisa Horowitz join us...after all it is their party.

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