Project Police Blotter, July 1992

Originally published July 1992

(AP) Recent phone activity between the AFFTC Vice Center Commander's office and certain individuals in the Houston area suggests that moves are afoot to add an additional aircraft asset to the Chapter, anonymous sources revealed today. Further investigation by the tireless yet diligent Project Police revealed that Vern Saxon had in fact purchased a Sonerai project after viewing a clandestine videotape of said project. It is reported that he and Narco will journey via RV (the land-based kind) to retrieve the project the first week in August, while most of the membership is away from the area. This will not go unnoticed, however, as the likelihood of a mass Police raid on the Saxon home increases in direct proportion to the product of the number of days the Sonerai project is owned and the owner's grade. Since he is an O-6, the raid coefficient goes up twice as fast as for most of the rest of us. By the way, does anyone out there know the correct spelling for fahrvergflügen??

In other visits, the Police discovered that the BD-10 recently made a successful first flight after a bit of trial and tribulation. Earlier this month, a landing gear collapsed while performing high-speed taxi tests. The flaw in the landing gear trunnion has been corrected and the aircraft reportedly flies OK. Some work will need to be done on control system feel.

Brian Martinez is making progress on his Q-200 as well. He has a glareshield panel built from 1.5mm Rohacell foam core and fiberglass. The whole assembly was built in a mold and cured in a vacuum bag according to other Police reports. This is a good stop on the Project Police beat as Arlene always has lots of high-fructose enriched bribes available. Although the Police appeared to enjoy these little treats, we actually see right through this..*crunch, crunch*...transparent ploy to keep us away...*crunch, crunch*. We'll be back!

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