Project Police Influence Spreading

Originally published August 1997

We here at Project Police headquarters received the following notice from Ed Dutreaux of EAA Chapter 20 in Redwood City CA. After reading the reports on our web site, he is forming an instance of the Project Police in the image of Chapter 20:

The suspect (Steve Casper) upon having been totally caught off guard by the Chapter 20 Project Police promptly opened his shop to our critical eyes. The general appearance of the shop was neat, the floor was swept, the work bench was neat (almost too neat), and the fuselage of Steve Casper's RV-4 sat quietly in its jig ready to be inspected. The Project Police promptly moved in for a closer look and were pleased to see some fine workmanship in progress. Many fingers were pointed at various fine details, and were discussed at length to decide if the proper path to completion had been taken. After a short session of hanger (or garage) flying took place, one of the Project Police members, also a EAA Tech Counselor, filled out the proper form to make this not only a fun but also a productive visit.

The point ratings are as follows: (all on a scale of 1 to 10)

Watch out, because the Project Police can descend on a moments notice. Also, remember the scoring system.

P.S. there are more than 10 points available in the Bribe category!!!


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