EAA Chapter 49/1000 Embarrass Scott Horowitz For Not Taking Us Along on STS 75 Breakfast and Lunch Fly-In

Chuck Firth

Originally published June 1996

The other fly-in we and Chapter 49 put on each year happened May 18. As mentioned above, we managed to make a few dollars and have some fun. Chapter 49 did breakfast and nearly everyone agreed the effort was a splendid example of the nouveau California cuisine, Rosamond style. I don't think very many suspected the scrambled eggs were from prairie chickens (free range) and the pancakes were actually pureed tofu and rice. Tasted like regular breakfast stuff to me. Well, anyway, the lunch we put on went pretty well too. Chefs George Gennuso and Jim King whipped out their famous blackened beef to admiring gourmands all afternoon, and by about 2 p.m. they figured out how to turn the gas down. On other matters, our winner of the spot landing contest was Steve Irving in a Grumman T2. Steve was within two feet of the line and later bragged he really needed a little more wind to make the effort challenging enough to return next year. (Steve works at Fox Field, and you should go by and give him a little good natured crap for that comment. Many others were close and a few were, well, sort of on the field. We graded all landings and posted them on the port-a-potty, then accepted rebuttals. The young eyes that may read this will be spared a verbatim recounting of them; let's just say you guys haven't lost your flair for crude expression.

The day was capped by presentations and a few adulatory words to our first (but not last or only) chapter member to get a pretty good ride on the Shuttle, Scott Horowitz. Scott graciously put up with our questions, spoke kindly of his memories of the first few years of the chapter, and promised to give a scathing Project Police report on all of you slackers during his next flight.

All and all, a good day. Thanks also to Norm Howell for use of the hangar again.

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