Chapter 1000 BBQ a Success!

Originally published June 1995

On Saturday, 20 May 1995, the Annual EAA Chapter 49 Pancake Breakfast and EAA Chapter 1000 Barbeque at Rosamond Skypark took place--and it was successful. We sold some 173 lunches which brought in roughly $275 after expenses. Not bad! Rumor has it that EAA Chapter 49 did equally as well and both chapters are no doubt satisfied with the additional funds in their treasuries.

We had about 65 airplanes fly in and compete in the spot landing contest on arrival. Of course, our contest is organized in great likeness to standard naval operations including the LSO Pete "Paddles" Moore waving his paddles and guiding every aircraft to a safe landing. Too bad most pilots ignored him because they'd have made the contest a bit more more competitive. The winner of the spot landing contest apparently did use the Precision Approach Path Paddles Person (PAPPP) and landed just .6 ft from the line. That's just a little over 7 inches from the line!

Our judges critiqued every landing and posted some of the following comments on the Port-O-Let for all to see:

- T-Craft 002, -25', "Caught the Net."
- Arrow 13T, +500', "Huge Pattern, Contact Edwards Approach Next Time."
- EZ 96EZ, -100', "Neighbors thank you for trimming their trees."
- Mooney 16Q, -75', "Typical Mooney."
- BD 24HB, +100', "Trimmed the trees on final."
- Mooney 1JX, +75', "Short field landing for a Mooney."
- Cessna 360, +25', "Thank God for Hooke's Law."
- Cessna 360, -50' & +20', "I didn't know the gear could bend that far!!!"

Likewise, typical excuses for poor performance were as follows:

- T-Craft 002, "I usually fly solo, but today I had an overweight passenger, hence the -25'."
- Arrow 13T, "IFR and overgross."
- EZ 96EZ, "The trees in my wheels gave too much drag."
- Mooney 16Q, "Hey, the flight deck moved!"
- BD 24HB, "Someone moved the line from last year."
- Mooney 1JX, "Just a loose nut behind the yoke.'s a Mooney...what do you expect?"

Of course, the Peoples' Choice Award went to Scott and Patricia Liefeld for their Pietenpol Aircamper. Hey Scott, we're holding your certificate hostage until you tell us how your airplane managed to log 800-plus flying hours above the Antarctic Circle! ...Duh-?

It goes without saying so I'll write it: All this wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for all the volunteers helping out. Doug Dodson and Concha Trippensee already mentioned a number of them but there were a number of additional volunteers parking airplanes, keeping the garbage cans from overflowing, making sure our guests had enough to eat, and keeping the event fun. I don't remember everyone's name but believe me, we really, really appreciated your help. Hey, remember the Six F's (yup, there's six of 'em, Bob Mackey--pay attention next time): Flyin' Friends Feedin' Face Fer Fun? We had all six at this event.

Oh, before I forget, the Annual EAA Chapter 49 Pancake Breakfast and EAA Chapter 1000 Barbeque actually started out as the Scotty Horowitz Going Away Party. This year, he showed up in a NASA T-38 and gave us a great high-speed fly-by with a zoom climb to something higher than Rosamond's pattern altitude. Then he landed at Edwards AFB, drove to Rosamond, had lunch at the barbeque, drove back to Edwards, and gave us another great high-speed fly-by with a zoom climb 'till he was out of sight. Awesome Scott!!! Not bad for an NASA aero club airplane either.

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