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On 6-9 November 1998, EAA Vice Grand Poobah for Chapter Stuff Bob Mackey visited Chapter 1000. Here are some of the things he saw.
Of course, we had to take Bob out to do some Project Policing with the folks who invented the concept. Here we are at the garage workshop of Chapter 49 Secretary (and known friend of the Project Police) Paul Rosales and his lovely wife Victoria. Paul has recently fit the wings to his RV-6A. The fuselage is sideways in the garage with the right wing attached. The left wing has been fitted, but has been removed in lieu of our suggestion of just cutting a hole in the garage door and letting the wing stick out into the driveway. Bob was very impressed with the status of Paul and Victoria's RV-6A, and assured them they would be very happy with their airplane. Shown here (left to right) are George Gennuso, Paul Rosales, Bob Mackey, and Gary Aldrich. Taking the picture is Russ Erb.
Gary, Bob, George, and Russ all climbed into Gary's VC-180 and flew up to Mountain Valley Airport near Tehachapi and started with the best soup and sandwich lunch to be found in the Chapter 1000 Theater of Operations at the Raven's Nest, located on the airport. They were joined by Miles Bowen of the local Tehachapi forces. You need to go there and eat. Tell Melanie and Jane that the EAA Chapter 1000 folks sent you.
While at Mountain Valley, Bob was able to get his first glider ride ever, shown here in the ASK-21. CFI-G Gary Aldrich said that Bob flew the whole flight, including takeoff, aerotow, soaring, and landing, and did an outstanding job for a first flight. This picture shows Bob right before the flight. You should have seen his grin when he got back--it wouldn't fit in the cockpit!
Even though we barely had a week's notice, we were able to pull together a Schmooze-fest for dinner, inviting all members of Chapter 1000 and Chapter 49 that we could get a hold of. This was not the entire group who showed at one time or another, but just the ones we could get to stop long enough to take a picture.
After dinner, we went to inspect George Gennuso's Pulsar. Here is the fuselage, which had been painted just 6 days earlier, still in the paint booth. This airplane is starting to look really good, as confirmed by the gathered Project Police.

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