Jim Piavis' Boredom Fighter N264JP

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An early drawing for working out the paint scheme
A painting in acrylic of a further development of the paint scheme
Four wings (with a biplane you get to build TWO sets!) in their way-cool rollover jig, freshly covered and ready for finishing.  The freshly covered fuselage can also be seen in the background (no, it's not the Cessna 140; it's on the left side)  The rollover jig attached to the wing root rib and to the interplane strut attach points.
The same wings after painting.
The fuselage after painting in its own rollover jig.
Rear view of the assembled aircraft.
Front view of the assembled aircraft.  At this point, the aircraft is a biplane glider with a severe aft cg problem.  Installation of the engine should solve these issues nicely.
Jim solved the aft cg problem in this photo, but has created a large drag problem.
Here the foam block has been carved to serve as the male plug to create the fiberglass cowling.
It...is...alive!!! First engine run. Now back to the cowling...
Cockpit shot. Instruments are faced in period-correct cream color, complete with Boredom Fighter logo.

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