Other Interesting Edwards AFB Pictures

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Four members of the HAVE PLAN team of USAF Test Pilot School Class 89B with their 5000 lb gross six place simulated experimental homebuilt Beaver (USAF U-6).  Left to right: Jim Esch, Harry Walker (Instructor Pilot), Russ Erb, and Harry Whiting.  Team members not pictured are Bob Arbach, Greg Dragoo, and Rich Runyon (Instructor Pilot).  The mission of the HAVE PLAN project was to create a generic flight test plan for homebuilt aircraft.  Sound familiar?  The HAVE PLAN final report was the basis for the EAA Flight Advisor's manual, as created by Norm Howell.  Much of the report was incorporated into the manual without change.  The Beaver was used as a simulated homebuilt to test the flight test plan to identify deficiencies so that the flight test plan could be improved.
Maximum effort takeoff in the U-6 Beaver at 35" Hg manifold pressure at Edwards North Base.  (Yes, you really can put wheels on a Beaver!)
Maximum effort takeoff in the U-6 Beaver from the rear.  Notice how the tailwheel contacts the runway during rotation.
Sunrise over Rogers Not-So-Dry Lake, Edwards AFB.
Proof that the dry lakebeds aren't always so dry.
More proof that the dry lakebeds aren't always so dry.

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