Operation Rubidoux Sundown VI

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Flabob International Airport, Home of EAA Fiefdom 1, 21 February 1998

On approach to the mission staging point, Apple Valley Airport (APV) in the lead Project Police Aerial Assault Vehicle.
Members of the lead Project Police flight stake out their corner of the Apple Valley restaurant and prepare to start thinking about getting around to beginning the start of final pre-raid prior planning of the final highly classified opplan. But before starting that, we ordered breakfast.
Looking for a suitable place to record the opplan as we made it up, the Chapter 1000 Information Czar is distressed at the lack of suitable napkins. Quick thinking revealed an empty wall available. In the interest of officiality, Russ starts the document by applying the official chapter logo, copied from the not-yet-released experimental Project Police summer uniform.
After Prezident Aldrich pointed out that loading the wall into the Skywagon might cause an overgross condition, the planning session deteriorated into a form of authorized graffitti, recording names, aircraft, and N-numbers in a modern day version of Kilroy was here. As always, we left the address (URL) of the Chapter 1000 Web Site.
Following the final official briefing to "form up in columns of bunches" and review of the safety package "Don't hit each other and don't do nuthin' dumb," the well nourished (what a great breakfast!) Rubidoux Raiders form up for one last picture of themselves before heading to the flight line.
Three of the Project Police Aerial Assault Vehiclesstanding by for launch. Steve Irving's (deputized on the spot) T-18, Jack Roth's Navion, and the lead assualt aircraft, Prezident Gary Aldrich's Cessna 180 Skywagon.
Sneaking in under the air defense radar, Jack's Navion took the lead and was the first on the ground, claiming the suprisingly lightly defended Flabob airfield, allowing the remainder of the Project Police Tactical Assault Force aircraft to land unmolested. The Project Police are here! Resistance is futile! You will be assimilated!
The Project Police are here to help! After hours of deliberation, the crack Project Police Tactical Assault Force determine the cause of EAA Fiefdom 1's Dictator for Life Jan Johnson's apparant lack of thrust on takeoff roll.
The Project Police cite Jan's aircraft for no visible means of propulsion by signing an Aerial Assault Vehicle placard.
Project Police Officer Gennuso prominently places the citation for all of the assembled masses to see.
Perusing the flight line brought the Project Police to Ron Karwacky's beautiful Cessna 195. He was awarded a special recognition for "Best Pitot Tube Cover."
Searching the flight line for clues into the operation of Chapter 1, the Project Police Intel Squad were shocked to find out that Chapter 1 was SELLING their secrets for next to nothing! This intelligence coup was quickly purchased and spirited away to the safety of the Skywagon.
Moving into the inner sanctum of the messing facilities revealed the first feeble signs of resistance--a doctored photo of three Project Police heavies proclaiming that Chapter 1 was the place to be. Of course, the joke was on them--the Project Police all agreed that on this day, Flabob and Chapter 1 WAS the place to be!
Moving in to defend her territory, Chapter 1 Prez Jan Johnson reasserts her belief that Chapter 1 is in control. Meanwhile, the Project Police, so excited to be noticed and anticipated, have graciously agreed to autograph the poster as a sign of honor.
Of course, once again the Project Police have to step in and set the record straight.
A hastily arranged summit of Prezident Aldrich and Prezident Johnson ended with all parties agreeing to fabricate their own accounts of the events as they may have happened. But then again, I haven't seen THEIR version on THEIR Web Site!
Once again, we declared Victory! and prepared to go home. Being suitably impressed with what we found, we once again decided to leave the diplomatic power of Chapter 1 in place to ensure stability in the region (and so there would be someone around to plan another great party for us to raid attend next year!). Pictured with Jan "The Hammer" Johnson (at the lectern) are Project Police Officers (back row) Beam, Irving, Ware, Ware, Heddy, Applegate, Gennuso, Bowen, (front row) Duke, Erb, Aldrich, and Roth.
"Veni, Vidi, Vent!" (We Came, We Saw, We Went Home!) Our work completed, the Project Police Tactical Assault Force was dismissed to return to our respective bases of operation, in this case William J. Fox Field (WJF).

To the members of Chapter 1: Thanks for another great party! We expect you to return the favor by coming to visit us on 16 May 1998 at the Seventh Annual Scotty Horowitz Going Away Fly-In at Rosamond Skypark (L00)! But don't get complacent--the Project Police will be back to check up on you again next year--you can count on it!!

Intel Coup!

The following imagery, was appropriated from the OPFOR at great risk by Project Police Intel Officers. Investigation of related documents indicate that the imagery was shot by Bernie Bakken of Chapter 1.

The Project Police hold a conference outside the victory tent, plotting their final move, as Prezident Aldrich passes on some war booty.
Intense negotiations continue during the summit conference.
"Not Yet!" Charleen Beam tells the press. "When we reach a settlement, you'll see the white smoke!"

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