Seventh Annual Scotty Horowitz Going Away Fly-In

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Rosamond Skypark, 16 May 1998

Setting Up
The Main Event
Fly-In Awards
Scotty Horowitz Meets The People
Some Of Those Who Came

On 16 May 1998, the Project Police of Chapter 1000 opened the doors of their hospitality suite once again to welcome both their own and EAAers everywhere in the spirit of friendship and with promises of not demanding the usual chocolate chip cookie (C3) tribute. EAAers from the world over (or at least near by) flocked to the field to join in the festivities and try their hand at the spot landing contest. These are the chronicles of events.

Setting Up

Like most fly-ins, the heavy duty action started the night before the airplanes started arriving. Jack Roth had delivered tables, chairs, and the now famous Chapter Booth to the airport, but was unable to stick around to set it up. Russ Erb arrived with the grill in tow. As an original member of the Booth Construction Battalion, he tried to dig up sufficient memory of how the booth was assembled to guide George Heddy, Sten Martinez, and Arlene Martinez (shown here) through the booth setup procedure. It was at this time that we discovered one of the hazards of having a Chapter Booth designed by a Master Engineer and assembled by a team of homebuilders to exacting tolerances: Thanks to El Niņo (a.k.a. Mr. Ninny around here), the additional wetness in the ambient atmosphere had caused the wood to swell in excess of its original assembled dimensions. Stated alternatively, it was difficult getting some of the parts to fit. With EAA ingenuity and the help of a persuader (i.e. hammer) we managed to get it together.
On the morning of Saturday the 16th, as we were finishing setting up in anticipation of the arriving throng, Doug "Opie" Dodson, former Chapter 1000 Prezident, commandeered some of us to assist him in unloading his Glasair II FT and Gail Nusz's Midget Mustang out of a Ryder truck into Gail's hangar. Doug was out from Det 4 on a house-hunting trip in preparation for the closing of Det 4 next month and his return to the staff of the USAF Test Pilot School. With the assembled group of pilots, flight test engineers, and astronaut we managed to get the aircraft out of the truck with no noticeable damage.

The Main Event

And the masses came, ate, and were filled. Once again this year, Glenna Wagner did what she does better than any of us. She planned and provisioned a wonderful feast of Polish Sausage dogs with a more than complete smorgasbord of side dishes. Drinks of all types were readily available. Complementing Glenna's work were grill-meisters George Gennuso and Jack Roth. Complimenting Glenna's work was everybody present. A critical test dog, selected at random, was found to be outstanding by the Chapter Information Czar. Glenna and her RV-6A building husband Charlie and daughter Lisa are moving north to Fallon NV. When Charlie finally finishes the airplane, he sez that they will be back for chapter events. We just hope Glenna leaves us a good clue-bag on how to do this before we do it again next year.

Chapter 1000 also thanks Olaf Landsgaard for the use of the main FBO hangar at Rosamond Skypark for our little bash.

This photo also documents compliance with the unwritten fly-in rules. If I told you what they were here, then they wouldn't be unwritten anymore. Suffice it to say that a U.S. Flag and an EAA banner were prominently displayed.

We have also captured on that the Chapter 1 contingent found the food line, having become convinced that they, too, were welcome at the home of the Project Police.

Lisa Wagner redeems drink tickets while money-meister Arlene Martinez exchanged Uncle Sam's green pieces of paper for Chapter 1000 created multi-colored pieces of paper redeemable for much good grub.
A Rosamond newspaper reporter was so excited about the prospects of a fly-in in his own town hosted by the Internet- and EAA-wide famous Chapter 1000 that he came out to cover the excitement. In his pursuit of the truth about the Project Police, he was able to do something that we haven't been able to do for years...namely, get the assembled members of Chapter 1000 to actually assemble long enough to have their photo taken. Take note, Bob Mackey!

Conspicuous in his absence was Project Police Kommandant and Chapter 1000 Prezident Gary Aldrich. While on record as saying he wanted to be there, we were out-prioritized by something about he had to be in Northern California for his daughter's graduation from college. The Project Police staff decided to let it slide this time, but recommended that to make up for it he should bring his daughter and the rest of his family to the Eighth Annual Scotty Horowitz Going Away Fly-In in 1999.

Fly-In Awards

Chapter 1000 member Jenna Ware of Oxnard CA was the winner of the 1998 Spot Landing Contest. Here she is presented with her plaque (ADA approved) by Newsletter Editor and Webmeister Russ Erb. Russ was chosen for this esteemed duty because, well, he was available. Jenna was also presented with a bottle of Racer's Edge aircraft polish, courtesy of Chapter 1000 member Larry Sweetser.

Jenna joins an esteemed group of aeronauts known for superb aviating with regard to ground references. Previous winners include Bill Crawford (1994), Steve Irving (1996), and Ozzie Levi (1997).

And she even did it without the aid of flaps! This is Jenna's Cessna 120, emblazoned on the side with "Jenna's Dream." This is a wonderful little airplane, with an interior that looks better than we suspect it did rolling out of the door in Wichita. Our favorite part of the panel was a placard that reminded the pilot "Don't Do Anything Dumb!"
Winners of the People's Choice award were Chapter 49 members Rick and Don Lapinsky for their "Ragwing Special." This aircraft was selected by the highly scientific, complex, and All-American method of letting the assembled masses vote. We decided to grant them the award, even though not one person identified the aircraft by its proper name. Most were some variation of "Pitts Ultralite."

This plaque was presented by the namesake of our annual event, Scott "Doc" Horowitz. Rick and Don were also presented with a bottle of Racer's Edge aircraft polish, courtesy of Chapter 1000 member Larry Sweetser.

Previous winners of the People's Choice Award are Ray Modert (Lancair, 1994), and Scott Liefeld (Pietenpol Aircamper, 1995).

Rick and Don's Ragwing Special
The Project Police suspect that this piece of tail art on the Ragwing Special may have had something to do with its sweep in the polls.
Here Scott Liefeld demonstrates the slowest high-speed flyby of the fly-in in the Ragwing Special. At the blazing speed of maybe 55 mph, he is still able to wave at the assembled crowd.

Scott Horowitz Meets the People

Scott "Doc" Horowitz, NASA Astronaut, Hubble Space Telescope Mechanic, and Charter Member of EAA Chapter 1000, was able to arrange his schedule this year to appear at his namesake fly-in. Where else but Chapter 1000 would somebody make a big enough impression to be invited back each year just to be sent away again? Scott had arrived the day prior in his NASA Aero Club T-38, which he landed at Edwards after a fly-by of Rosamond Skypark. This was Scott's 4th fly-in that he actually made it to, having also attended in 1992 (the original going away fly-in), 1995, and 1996.

Here Scott addresses the assembled masses, telling us about how our chapter newsletter circulates around the Astronaut Office, and usually garners him "extra attention" and ribbing whenever his name shows up in it.

Of course, as always, we had such a great time that we're going to do it all over again next year!

Scott meets with Allison and Ryan Erb at their Pedal Pitts, and tells them about the similar Christen Eagle that he made for his daughter Arielle.
Scott takes a moment to hang out with Katie Liefeld.

Some of Those Who Came

They said they were coming and they did! We watched our surveillance radar for signs of infiltrators from EAA Chapter 1, but they fooled us by driving in by Ground Assault Vehicle. They arrived in uniform, emblazoned with a logo proclaiming themselves "Freedom Fighters." Kind of an odd name, as they neither looked Nicaraugaun nor had any of them ever flown the Northrop F-5. In tribute to the Project Police, whom they admitted to being their inspiration, they showed up with the ink still drying on their recently made uniform shirts, much as the Project Police had at Operation Rubidoux Sundown V.

A Project Police Tactical Assault Force (PPTAF) was rapidly formed from uniformed Project Police members present at the fly-in to contain and indoctrinate our brethren from Chapter 1. We instructed them in the proper actions upon arrival at the raid site, namely to take pictures of yourselves. These Chapter 1 folks were a fiesty bunch, as seen here in this photo. Seen here are (standing, left-to-right) Jack Roth (PPTAF), Gretchen Lund (PPTAF), Leo Williams (Chapter 1), Kathy Rodgers (Chapter 1), Norm Howell (PPTAF), George Gennuso (PPTAF), Bob Waldmiller (PPTAF, shown here in his undercover Scaled Composites sweatshirt), (seated) Bernie Bakken (Chapter 1), and Russ Erb (PPTAF).

We determined later that Bernie was the most intelligent one of the bunch, as he had arrived at the fly-in site with a filled out membership application for Chapter 1000! Guess he figured that Jon Goldenbaum and Gerry Curtis were on to something. We're hoping that he can convince more of his compatriots to follow his lead.

Even in reverse video, the Chapter 1 contingent seems to think that they have actually concerned the Project Police. As we have said before, "Resistance Is Futile. You Will Be Assimilated."
Bob Waldmiller and Norm Howell were able to finally carve a hole in their busy schedules and made it to the big fly-in with their Long-Eze N271J. It's a good thing they had the long-range tanks, since they had to taxi all of the way from their hangar around the corner.
George Heddy III made it in with his Cessna 172XP after flying several Young Eagles in the name of Chapters 1000 and 49 that morning. George was our Young Eagles Coordinator for 1997, and is a regular at our Young Eagles rallies.
Chapter 1000 Secretary Miles Bowen brought in his Cessna 170B after flying 6 Young Eagles that morning. Miles outwitted Mr. Ninny by acting on some Project Police Intelligence and flying his 170B out of Tehachapi the night before and leaving it overnight at Fox Field. It was a good move, since by the morning the field was socked in in Tehachapi.
Chapter 49 members Elle and Phil Coussens flew in their very nice Grumman Tiger. Note the color coordinated propeller. Elle is well known around here as an active member of the Antelope Valley 99's.
A very nice RV-4 that flew in. The suprising part was that it was the only RV to fly in.
A Thorp T-18.
A Luscombe, doing its best not to be confused with the several Cessna 120s and 140s on the field.
In the final analysis, we did reasonably well this year, having sold about 115 lunches. While we had hoped to sell about twice that many, Mr. Ninny had other ideas. The only representation we noticed (at least that were willing to admit it) from outside the Antelope Valley were the previously mentioned group from Chapter 1, Don and Don from Chapter 7, and a small group of flour bombers from Apple Valley. The expected masses from "down below," the Bakersfield Bunch, and Fresno were defeated by the weather in their attempts to cash in on the fun. This graphic, courtesy of the Weather Channel, will show you why.

We're hoping that by next year, Mr. Ninny will have had his fun and our High Desert weather will be back to its usual clear and warm self. Mark your calendars with the tentative date of 15 May 1999 for the Eighth Annual Scotty Horowitz Going Away Fly-In!

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