May 1999

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Last Month's Meeting
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Sun'n Fun 1999--or--Doug, Gail, Gary and Russ's Excellent Adventure
Project Police Aircraft Spotters Obscure Airplane Identification Contest
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This Month's Meeting:

No Third Tuesday Meeting This Month!
Instead, We Expect You To Participate In:

Eighth Annual Scotty Horowitz Going-Away Fly-In--15 May 1999, Rosamond Skypark

Since obviously everyone including you has made plans to attend our big annual event, you can consider this a friendly reminder (You do plan to be there, don't you!?). Unfortunately Glenna Wagner has not been available this year to do her magic, but we'll be doing our best to make sure that we will all be well fed. The Bar-B-Q will be fired up and operating from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. The Project Police have submitted a request for good weather that day.

A One-Shot Spot Landing Contest is planned for arriving aircraft. A People's Choice award for the best static display is also planned. You could volunteer to help with this (it's easy!) or many other jobs.

Flyers have gone out to surrounding chapters inviting them to join us. You'll want to be there to enjoy the fun! Numerous members of Chapter 1 have confirmed that they will be coming to check on that rumored Project Police Hospitality. Don't disappoint them!

NEWS FLASH: Scotty Horowitz has said by e-mail that he plans to attend his namesake fly-in again this year. You'll want to get there early to see his NASA T-38 fly-by! Where else but Chapter 1000 would someone be invited back each year just so we can say goodbye again? Those of you who have never met "Doc" will want to be there to finally meet Chapter 1000's first and favorite astronaut!

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The Prez Sez...

Fellow Project Policemen, er, Police-persons: No doubt you have seen the alleged exposť of our righteous organization in the pages of that all-to-common-on-the-west-coast aviation rag, Pacific Flyer. If not, scoop up the April edition off the floor of the nearest airport bathroom stall and check out page A40. Here, you'll find a blatant breach of security in the description of Operation Rubidoux Sundown VII. It seems the size of our PPTAF in that operation, coupled with a rather high profile arrival and the terror-stricken, though ineffectual response of the Flabobians (take a breath here...) attracted the attention of "the media". The result was an obviously flawed, though sometimes flattering, story accompanied by {gasp!} actual pictures of the raid (all but one blatantly stolen from our web site, even though some credit was given). The valiant and stalwart raiders were referred to by such adjectives as "black-shirted", "jack(Gentry?)-booted", "nefarious", and "ominous". While true to some extent, it's still a pretty cold treatment of an organization dedicated to the advancement of aviation and chocolate-chip-cookie science. I guess that's all you can expect from a reporter named after a bird of prey. Most of the "facts" in the article were, indeed, loosely based on the truth (according to us) since they were lifted from our own electronic archives. However, one glaring error demands correction. The article's author claims that "a member of any EAA chapter" can aspire to wear the coveted black shirt. Well, back the editorial train up, Peregrine! Chapter 1000 membership is one of the most basic requirements to join THESE ranks! (Apparently he confused the requirements for a member to form a Project Police organization in his own chapter with the requirements to join the Chapter 1000 Project Police) There are some other requirements, even some that were listed in the article, and as soon as we find the missing bylaws...well, that's another story.

What will happen now that we have semi-national attention? Well, that remains to be seen, though chapters other than One, might begin cowering at the thought of a visit by the "mean-spirited miscreants" of the Project Police. That wouldn't be all bad...especially if they start cranking out the C3.

Finally, to answer the probing and thoughtful questions at the end of the article: Yes, Maybe, and Yes. As to the fate of the reporter...that's PPSNTK! Until then, all troopers are reminded to respond to all media inquiries with the standard PPTAF answer: "It could'a happened!"

See you at L00!

- Gary Aldrich, Kommanding

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Last Month's Meeting

EAA Chapter 1000
Scobee Auditorium, Test Pilot School, Edwards AFB
1700, April 20, 1999
Gary Aldrich, Presiding

Delays, Delays

Our illustrious Secretary was overcome by events (OBE) and was unable to get the meeting minutes in on time. You'll just have to wait until next month to read about what went on. For now, suffice it to say there were some announcements, recognition of visitors, a review of project status for those assembled, and the Sun'n Fun '99 report by Russ Erb, Gary Aldrich, Doug Dodson, and Gail Nusz. The Sun'n Fun report will be published separately in this and following newsletters.

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Young Eagles Update

March 13th Rally at Fox

What a great turnout by our EAA members!!! Thanks for your help!!!! We had 22 YEs, 12 pilots!!!, and 4 ground crew. This brings this year's Young Eagles total to 77.

See you at the next rally. (NOTE: there are 2 people who CONTINUE to make every rally this year - please help me thank them!!!) (hint: ground crew).

Flight Crew
Pilots Equipment
Ron Applegate Cessna 140C
Miles Bowen Cessna 170B
John Bush Cessna 140
Lane Carlson Cessna 172
Mike Hartenstine Cessna 120
George Heddy Cessna 172XP
Ozzie Levi Bellanca Cruisair
Ed McKinnon Mooney 231
Space Miller Cessna 172
Dick Monaghan Luscombe 8A
We ran out of YE before Herb and Con could get in line.
Thanks for being there Herb and Con!!!
Herb Carlson Cessna 152  
Con Oamek Bonanza F-33-A  

Ground Crew:
Paul Rosales Victoria Rosales
Kristin Abraham Don Robinson

- David McAllister

Young Eagle Operations:
Dave Webber
David McAllister

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New Members

This month we welcome three new members, all at outlying locations. First up is Nathan Davis of Tipton IN. Nathan joined up with Chapter 1000 after spending a few days with the Sun'n Fun '99 PPTAF. Nathan is building a Glasair III, and met Doug Dodson through AVSIG on Compuserve. When not building his Glasair III, Nathan keeps current in go-fast aeronautical contrivances in his Piper Aerostar, a mid-wing turbocharged twin. Nathan and Doug flew the Aerostar together to Sun'n Fun in 1997 and 1998. This year Nathan met us at Lakeland for Sun'n Fun. You'll read more about that in the official Sun'n Fun PPTAF report to be published in this newsletter. For now, suffice it to say that Nathan's Aerostar has been the fastest aircraft in the Sun 60 race in 1997, 1998, and 1999.

During the 1999 Glasair Hooters Gig during Sun'n Fun on Monday night, one of the Glasair builders asked to be told more about the Project Police. This inspired Erbman (not a Glasair builder but a member of the PPTAF, who are, of course, welcome everywhere) to start working the crowd, passing out Chapter business cards, talking at high speed, and generally flailing his arms around. At this point, Nathan Davis couldn't stand not being part of this illustrious organization any more and handed over his $20. Nathan then started putting the thumbscrews on Ron Cox, another Glasair builder from Indianapolis IN. Ron finally gave in and handed over his $20. This was a shrewd move on his part, as the Project Police had intelligence reports that Ron was in possession of an official PPTAF black uniform shirt (originally sent to Doug Dodson (too big), who gave it to Nathan Davis (too small), who gave it to Ron Cox (just right) (did we just slip into The Three Glasair Bears?). The PPTAF was primed and ready to demand his $20 membership fee if he had been so silly as to show up wearing the shirt. He didn't, but his smart move in joining has legitimized his PPTAF uniform. When Ron is not busy building his Glasair, he keeps busy in a slightly larger and faster aircraft, namely whatever airliner United Airlines puts him in the Captain seat of.

Russ Munson is our third new member, who comes to us not from Sun'n Fun, but from New York City where he lives with his wife Linda. He took a trip in September 1997 to the Mojave Desert to write a piece for FLYING magazine (appearing in the March 1998 issue). He got the Project Police bug, and spent a year and a half trying to shake it, but finally decided to give in. As he wrote on his New Member Information Sheet, "Norm Howell helped me with the Edwards AFB part of a photostory I was doing for the March '98 issue of Flying Magazine on flying the Mojave. I stayed with Norm, Gretchen, and Bob Waldmiller at their house, and on Saturday, 9/13/97, met them at Lancaster to take part in the Chapter 1000 Young Eagle program. Flew my Super Cub there, and had a great time with Norm, Russ Erb, and some of the other members. Thought they were a great bunch of guys, and wanted to join the Chapter even though I live beyond a comfortable commuting distance. Not only that, but you have a great web site and patch!"

Welcome to all of our new members! Remember, you can form your own Detachment of Chapter 1000 by submitting an article on any subject suitable for publication in The Leading Edge. See the History of Chapter 1000 page on the Chapter Web Site for a listing of the current Dets.

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Unique Home Furnishings

Last month Arlene and I were discussing stronger storage shelves in the garage so that we could add to our normal pantry supplies with heavy-mondo food stuffs from Costco. We were getting down to discussing the possibility of perturbating and permutating the EAA work benches into said stronger storage shelves. We went a little further in our discussions while I was building up an extra work bench for "the project" and started discussions of a computer desk derivative for my oldest son Sten. The newest derivative would incorporate stained and plasticoated stud timber with covers over some of the more obvious screw holes. Haven't done any of that yet, just thought about it.

Anyhow, it comes as something of a surprise that when I break open the latest issue of THE LEADING EDGE, what do I find on page 4. The synchronisity of this is strange to say the least. It was probably only a matter of time. STORAGE SHELVES!!!! The guy must have my home bugged.

So, where is all this going? Ok, we now have discussed the computer desk variation. I propose another direction. For those industrious bachelors out there I would suggest a full line of furnishings based upon the humble work bench. We already have the tables so we need chairs, bed frames, coffee tables (a shortened version of the normal work bench), and dressers. This would be perfect for those families on a budget who go into sticker shock at Levitz; or for the odd hunting lodge and vacation house. A guy could really get to love pine when you take this to its logical conclusion.

And, let's go a bit further on this thing. If we collect the assorted plans for all these variations along with pictures detailing the construction process, a do-it-yourself book could result. Chapter 1000 could sell this book through EAA, Aircraft Spruce, Wicks, and a number of lumber stores nation wide to support the chapter. We could provide the book at cost for charities such as the Red Cross, Peace Corps, International Aid, US Army Special Forces (is a charity? I know it is tough to get funding, but...), and missionaries of every persuasion.


- Brian Martinez
Idea Man

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Sun'n Fun 1999
Doug, Gail, Gary and Russ's Excellent Adventure

The full story of our Sun'n Fun adventures have been collected in a common location. Read the entire story.

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Project Police Aircraft Spotters Obscure Airplane Identification Contest

Well, no congratulations go out to most of you-nobody beat Jim Piavis to the punch. He was even working under a handicap: Someone in the US Postal Service delayed his newsletter by two weeks, and still he was the first to respond! In fact, he was the only one to respond! Bragging rights are still squarely in Piavis' court. I might have to go to a lower level of obscurity to give him some competition...anyway, here is his response:

"I love a challange! But you have to make it a little harder. At first I thought this was a Martin B-10 variant, but that was not the case!

The aircraft of the month is a Curtis A-8 Shrike (closely resembling the YA-10 but differing by powerplant), as seen in the attached .gif.

Also see this link: for some really good info on development and squadron assignment.

You have to remember that the '30's were a great time in aviation for the biplanes and early monoplanes, in addition to the really great paint schemes.

The attached .gif shows an A-8 in early camouflage while assigned to 3 AG and is one of thirteen YA-8 and Y1A-8s built in 1932, out of a future total of 46.

Better luck next time evil Editor.


This quiz started with the quest to identify an unknown aircraft in a picture on the wall of TPS. Lee Erb gets credit for putting your editor on the successful path to identify it based on a textual description.

As you can see, this aircraft has a large number of drag-producing devices. External struts above the wing for the landing gear. Flying wires and Landing Wires. External gunsight. Fixed landing gear (at least they're faired). Most of all, two (!) canopies, the rear (gunner's) canopy was open to the rear, with no option to close it! Some airplanes are so ugly, it's just as well they didn't stick around. (Insert your own YA-10 joke here).

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Why 2K? Fly-out

John McMurray19 Mar 1999

With so much worry devoted to the Y2K computer problem, it seems to me the general aviation community should show the world we still have the fearless thirst for adventure of our barnstorming forefathers. So my wife and I plan to takeoff around 2345 on December 31, 1999 and remain airborne until at least 0015 on January 1, 2000. I know for a fact our Luscombe doesn't know what century we are in, so the Y2K bug won't be a factor. We'll turn off any gadgets, like GPS, that might go sour at the millennium's dawn and fly like Lindy, whiskey compass wobbling faithfully in the moonlight. While the FAA and the airlines are wrestling with computer glitches, we'll conduct a VFR flight with no problems, knowing at least one segment of the modern world is still functioning normally. For the VFR pilot, Y2K is not a factor in safe flight, hence "Why 2K?" There are a few details to consider. Do we fly at 2345 local time or UTC time? UTC makes more sense because the FAA computers run on it, so if anything exciting happens, it should occur at 2400Z. Here in the Central Time Zone, 2345Z will be 1745L (1545L here in Chapter 1000 land), so we'll have a pleasant evening flight with plenty of time to get home in time to watch the Times Square ball get hung up because the computer doesn't work. A second detail is whether to file a flight plan. My impish side tells me filing a VFR flight plan overlapping the Millennium just when the FAA is entering the biggest pile of caa-caa seen to date would be a nice gesture to our friends in the gray suits. On the other hand, conducting a VFR flight safely with no input from the Feds while the rest of the air traffic system is crashing down around the FAA's ears makes a wonderful statement about the self-sufficiency of the light aircraft community. So, I'm not filing and I'll check the weather in time-honored fashion by looking out the window. As for the local details, both my wife and I will make sure we are current in reality, not just legally, and that we are fit to fly, to include making extra sure we avoid the punch at the office party that afternoon. We'll get to the airport early and have a chat with any other pilots who might be thinking along the same lines. If there are a number of us, we'll probably review pattern procedures, frequencies and perhaps lay out a flight path. Since it will be dark in this part of the country when we get back, we'll probably have a couple folks with cars well off the side of the runway of our uncontrolled (oops, I mean non-towered) airport ready to light up the touchdown zone just in case the power company's bug hunt wasn't completely successful. We'll watch the local airspace restrictions, stay above the appropriate minimum altitude and won't show off. We'll clear diligently and monitor the local VFR frequency. We may switch over to Center frequency as midnight Zulu approaches and listen quietly to see if anything exciting occurs. Quite frankly, I don't expect anything major, but if it does, our flight won't be affected. And that is the point of the exercise: make a routine, safe VFR flight without relying on the FAA or the Air Traffic Control system. That's my idea. This is not an organized event or demonstration. I'm simply planning a VFR flight like we all make every day and look forward to seeing you at the air patch if you're of like mind. Feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested. Fly safe in the new Millennium.

AVweb responds... Where can we sign up? --Mike Busch, Editor-in-Chief

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Aircraft Spruce E-Mail Address Change

For those of you doing business with EAA Chapter 1000 member and PPO Charleen Beam at Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, take note that her e-mail address has changed. It is now The old address no longer works.

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New Project Police Assault Vehicle

(It was only a matter of time before someone took the interpretation of the word "Assault" too far...No, Vance hasn't released any plans yet...)

You should have raided the Pt Mugu air show and you would have seen the Super Sport Cruiser in it's new COIN Fighter mode-a natural to be added to your fleet. First showing of prototype mini gun simulant mounted under the left wing. Motor driven, it spins with intimidating speed and the ominous sound of the "bolts" falling home. It will be refined for the Camarillo Father's Day fly-in such that it will spew empties out the bottom.

- Vance Jaqua
EAA Chapter 1000 Det 8, Camarillo CA

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Web Site Update

As of 9 May 1999, the ol' hit counter had rolled up to 27697 hits. The hit rate was back down to a more normal 36 hits/day, which was kind of surprising with the "exposure" we got in Pacific Flyer. Still not much new there between Sun'n Fun and working on the Bearhawk. Then again, those who want the latest news join the chapter and get it in the newsletter.

Usage History on

Time to bring you up to date on some of the Web Site e-mail we've received here at Web Site HQ:

"You have a great web site. Sucked up lots of information for my Lancair project. I scanned your engine articles as I am an engine-head and mechanical engineer myself. Additional comment on why exhaust valves are smaller than intakes: as you noted, you can push harder with the piston on the upstroke than the atmosphere can push the intake mixture in. But also the sonic speed of the exhaust gases is much higher because they are hotter, the speed of sound going as the square root of the absolute temperature. The combination of higher sound speed and lower density combine to let the exhaust gases leave very quickly (on a velocity basis). (An excellent point I had not considered)

Again, wonderful site. Hope to visit your chapter someday. (I am located in Silicon Valley)." -- Fred Moreno, Chapter 62

"I put out the AV 99s newsletter - SKYWORD and once in awhile I will catch a typo or such and I realize it has been in for the last couple of issues and nobody has brought that to my attention, and then I wonder..."Does anybody read this?"

Your chapter has a GREAT website/news/photos!" - Diana Tanner

"I'm sure happy to have found your Chapter 1000 page(s), including the "How To" on web pages. I especially like the monkey GIF. Can I steal it?

I like your table design also, though I've come to believe in 1 1/4" MDF is a great tops with 2" overhang all around for clamping.

You might enjoy seeing the planes I'm helping to build

Thank you, John Thornburg"

"I just wanted to let you know that your website on creating web sites was extremely helpful. I've recommended it to several people who want to design their own. I'm designing and maintaining the web site for EAA Chapter 32 in St. Louis. Our URL is: I'm also fortunate to have the equipment and software at my disposal that made the job a lot easier. I work with several people who design web sites and they were very helpful in getting mine on-line. Thanks again. Your web site is great. -- Laura Million, Chaper 32, "Spirit of St. Louis""

And while you're surfing the Chapter 1000 Web Site during lunch or whenever, be sure to try AVWeb ( for some interesting articles. AVWeb is essentially a aviation magazine published on the Internet. Sign up as a member (it's free!) and you'll get weekly aviation news updates by e-mail (AVFlash). Lots of interesting discussion in the "Columns" section.

- Russ Erb, Webmeister

Just a reminder that the EAA Chapter 1000 Web Site is hosted courtesy of Quantum Networking Solutions, Inc. You can find out more about Qnet at or at 805-538-2028.

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Chapter 1000 Calendar

May 15: Seventh Annual Scotty Horowitz Going Away Fly-In, Rosamond Skypark (L00), Rosamond CA.

Jun 2: EAA Chapter 49 Monthly Meeting, 7:30 p.m., Sunnydale School. 1233 S. Ave. J-8, Lancaster, CA. (661) 948-0646

Jun 8: EAA Chapter 1000 Board of Directors Meeting, 5:00 p.m., Edwards AFB. Test Pilot School, MOL Room (661) 490-1476

Jun 15: EAA Chapter 1000 Monthly Meeting, 5:00 p.m., Edwards AFB. USAF Test Pilot School, Scobee Auditorium. (661) 490-1476

Jul 7: EAA Chapter 49 Monthly Meeting, 7:30 p.m., Sunnydale School. 1233 S. Ave. J-8, Lancaster, CA. (661) 948-0646

Jul 7-11: Northwest EAA Regional Fly-In, Arlington WA

Jul 13: EAA Chapter 1000 Board of Directors Meeting, 5:00 p.m., Edwards AFB. Test Pilot School, MOL Room (661) 490-1476

Jul 20: EAA Chapter 1000 Monthly Meeting, 5:00 p.m., Edwards AFB. USAF Test Pilot School, Scobee Auditorium. (661) 490-1476

Jul 28-Aug 3: EAA AirVenture '99 Fly-In Convention, Oshkosh WI

Aug 4: No EAA Chapter 49 Monthly Meeting

Aug 10: EAA Chapter 1000 Board of Directors Meeting, 5:00 p.m., Edwards AFB. Test Pilot School, MOL Room (661) 490-1476

Aug 17: EAA Chapter 1000 Monthly Meeting, 5:00 p.m., Edwards AFB. USAF Test Pilot School, Scobee Auditorium. (661) 490-1476

Sep 1: EAA Chapter 49 Monthly Meeting, 7:30 p.m., Sunnydale School. 1233 S. Ave. J-8, Lancaster, CA. (805) 948-0646

Sep 10-12: Golden West EAA Regional Fly-In, Castle Airport, Atwater, CA

Sep 14: EAA Chapter 1000 Board of Directors Meeting, 5:00 p.m., Edwards AFB. Test Pilot School, MOL Room (805) 490-1476

Sep 21: EAA Chapter 1000 Monthly Meeting, 5:00 p.m., Edwards AFB. USAF Test Pilot School, Scobee Auditorium. (805) 490-1476

Oct 9-10: Edwards AFB Open House and Airshow

Oct 7-10: Copperstate EAA Regional Fly-In, Mesa AZ

Oct 12: EAA Chapter 1000 Board of Directors Meeting, 5:00 p.m., Edwards AFB. Test Pilot School, MOL Room (805) 490-1476

Oct 19: EAA Chapter 1000 Monthly Meeting, 5:00 p.m., Edwards AFB. USAF Test Pilot School, Scobee Auditorium. (805) 490-1476

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For Sale:

Sonerai IIL project. Fuselage and wings 95% complete. Modified for A65 engine. Engine torn down for overhaul but complete with a great many spare engine parts. Includes instruments. Hydraulic brakes. All excellent work. Call Fletch Burns 760-373-3779
To join Chapter 1000, send your name, address, EAA number, and $20 dues to: EAA Chapter 1000, Gary Aldrich, 42370 61st St. W, Quartz Hill CA 93536. Membership in National EAA ($40, 1-800-843-3612) is required.

Contact our officers by e-mail:

President Gary Aldrich:
Vice President George Gennuso:
Secretary Miles Bowen:
Technical Counselor Gary Sobek:

Inputs for the newsletter or any comments can be sent to Russ Erb, 805-258-6335, by e-mail to 

From the Project Police legal section: As you probably suspected, contents of The Leading Edge are the viewpoints of the authors. No claim is made and no liability is assumed, expressed or implied as to the technical accuracy or safety of the material presented. The viewpoints expressed are not necessarily those of Chapter 1000 or the Experimental Aircraft Association. Project Police reports are printed as they are received, with no attempt made to determine if they contain the minimum daily allowance of truth. So there! 

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