Index to Flight Reports

The following are flight reports that have appeared in The Leading Edge, newsletter of Chapter 1000. Except where noted, these articles are the original work of members of Chapter 1000.

The Auster Hassle (December 1992 - January 1993) - Read about the trials and travails of trying to fly a British built Taylorcraft from Arizona to California in the heat of July, when the absolute ceiling is just a few thousand feet AGL.

Lancair 360 First Flight (June 1993)

Test Pilot Report - Lancair 360 First Flight (June 1993)

A Look at Lancair 360 Handling Qualities (November 1993)

President's Column (December 1993) - Neico's semi-official non-response to the Lancair 360 handling qualities issue

Big-Tail Lancair 360 Update (September 1995)

Piper PA-20 Pacer First Flight (September 1993) - First flight after a simple re-cover job turned into a restoration effort

Beechcraft Debonair (October 1993)

Tri-Q-200 N200LM - The First 150 Hours (February 1994)

Limited Flying Qualities Evaluation of the American Falcon (March 1994)

First Flight Report - RV-6 N43BL (May 1994)

World's Fastest? 1000 Kilometers in a Glider! (May 1995)

Flight Test Report MiG-25UP (May 1995)

Cirrus ST50 First Flight (December 1994)

First Flight! Keith Kelly's Long EZ (December 1994)

Mojave Direct Sun and Fun 95 (June 1995)

Brian Martinez's Q-200 Flies! (June 1995)

Q-200 Flight Test Summary (December 1995/July 1997/September 1997/April 1998)

I Hate My Throttle Body (February 1996)

Limited Flight Evaluation of the Let L-23 Super Blanik (March 1995)

"I Really, Really Hate My Airplane" Contest Winner Speaks His Mind! (March 1995)

Another Far Journey (August 1995)

World Record Claim (April 1996) - Jim Payne sets another soaring world record

RANS S-6S Qual Eval Report (April 1996)

KIS Cruiser Breaks Rod Bolt (April 1997)

Project Police Aerial Assault Vehicle Takes Flight (January 1998)

Introduction to Flying Qualities Testing for Homebuilders Offered at NTPS (January 1998)

Ellison TBI Unframed! (February 1998) -- Brian Martinez sorts out the real cause of his fuel system troubles

Test Report: Initial Taxi Tests (May 1998)

Zenith Zodiac CH601 HDS (June 1998) - not exactly a flight report, but a good review of the airplane nonetheless.

Grumman HU-16A Albatross (July 1998)

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