Project Police Aerial Assault Vehicle Takes Flight

Bob Waldmiller

Originally published January 1998

The original Project Police Aerial Assault Vehicle flies again. Cherokee N554FL, after nearly six months of downtime, took to the skies for an engine break-in flight over the Project Police Maintenance Facility at Rosamond Skypark. Noted were a static RPM over 100 revs higher than with the previous engine and a rate of climb exceeding 1000 fpm with the aircraft about 340 lbs under gross weight. The gear was left extended and at no time was an attempt made to exceed Mach 1.

The airplane landed with only one discrepancy: The left main strut needs air!

Yes, that's right, firewall forward the airplane and engine were perfect. No oil leaks, no blowby, no drips, runs, or errors. Tomorrow will be a second flight and the engine's first oil change.

The Project Police Aerial Assault Vehicle is BACK!!!

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