Another First Flight!!

Originally published June 1993

Congratulations to EAA Chapter 1000 member Larry Wright for the successful first flight of his Lancair 360 on 9 June 1993! With Norm Howell as the designated marshmallow (hey! Stop that! -ed), Doug Shane and Larry flew safety chase in Doug's Long EZ while Tony Ginn and Bob Waldmiller followed as photo chase in Tony's Thorp T-18...a formation composed entirely of Chapter 1000 members! At 6:02 A.M. the Lancair lifted smoothly off runway 7 at Mojave and completed an uneventful 30 minute first flight. Minor seismic disturbances were reported in the Antelope Valley, caused no doubt by Larry's heart rate! After all, he has over five years and $(Special Access Required) invested in the Lancair. Way to go Larry!! Ya done good!!

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