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We invite you to use the Chapter 1000 Web Site as a source of material to fill out your newsletter. Not all chapters are blessed with members with both technical knowledge and the willingness to write. So pass on the work of our authors for the enjoyment and education of your members.

Of course, we do ask the customary courtesies of proper documentation. That is, list the original author's name and be sure to mention that you obtained the article from the Chapter 1000 Web Site. It'd even be real nice if you listed the URL (http://www.eaa1000.av.org) with the article so that your members could find the rest of the site.

We're trying to build up a connectivity database (that's a fancy name for a e-mail address book) between the various EAA chapters. Help us out by sending a quick e-mail to our Web Site Director Russ Erb at erbman@pobox.com and identify what chapter you represent.

If you have material in your newsletter that you think we'd be interested in, we'd love to see it. Just send an e-mail to the Web Site Director listed below.

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