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Project Police Det <DATAMASKED>

Originally published December 1997

"Weíre here to help!"

Target for the Month:

Exotic Aircraft Company
URL: http://www.barnstormers.com
Date of Review: 3-4 Feb 98

Here we are again for another great and informative column for the computer literate. Even if youíre not computer literate, itís a good place to start. I didnít know if I was going to make it this month, with so many contributions to the Chapter 1000 Newsletter, itís tough to get any space nowadays.

This month's target is a small aircraft restoration and maintenance facility situated locally (at least geographically-in the big scheme) at the Southwest corner of San Diegoís Gillespie Field. For those outside the southwest, just try the above URL and enjoy the visit.

Letís take a look, shall we...

The first thing a visitor sees is a background GIF that is supposed to look like a WW2 Quonset hut. Works well on the computer and does not seem to take up a lot of down load time. As with any site, thereís a menu on the first page. Not much else but the menu. From there you can take off (pretty bad pun, huh?) to a Welcome screen, the obligatory "Whatís New Around the Hangar?", the "Restoration Shop", "Whatís Going on in the Hangar", the "Marketplace", "Aviation Collectibles", a local event having something to do with cheesecake, and a Guestbook. A recent addition is a page on aircraft (generally WW2 warbirds) wreck sites.

The Restoration Shop is a pretty interesting couple of pages in that there is a small "How To.." section. The only "how to" item was a sequence on how to paint the old 1930ís style US National Insignia (Blue ball with white star and red meatball). It also shows the current projects in work (Boeing Stearman)

The "Real Time Hangar" is envisioned to give a timed video shot of the hangar interior as work is being performed. Unfortunately, this was INOP at this review time.

Marketplace is the place to check out if youíre in the market for a part, aircraft, or just need to browse. In these pages, you could find aviation collectibles, a small aviation fine art gallery, commercial and corporate aircraft, engines, experimental aircraft, helicopters, sport aircraft (antiques and general aviation), salvage yard "treasures" (static display items), a surplus store (more static display items), utility aircraft, and finally, warbirds. All the aircraft listings contain aircraft for sale, projects, and notices from individuals looking for a specific aircraft. Although not overly excessive, there is a plenty here to keep your interest.

Under the Aviation Collectibles, you can find any antique items or even leave a note that you are looking for an item. If youíre in the market for the business end of an F-4, this is the place. How about the P-40 shell used in the movie "1941"? Other cool items of interest include ejection seats (Ďnever know what Vernís Kiwi needs next), surplus instruments, old wood props, and anything else you might desire.

Finally, if you have a business you would like to promote, Exotic Aircraft will provide advertising and links to your web page. Only two businesses there at this time, but its a start.

Overall, this is a great site and worthy of the trip to the cyberport (is this a new term?!) Although some pages are listed as under construction, thereís some good content for the browser and Chapter member who just wants to look around an old hangar.


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