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Here are filed the Web Page Reviews from Chapter 1000's own web site critic, Buck Rivetz, as printed in The Leading Edge. For purposes of security, Buck's true identity is CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET, PPYDNTK (Project Police You Don't Need To Know), as well as his location at Det <DATAMASKED>.

Buck is well known and established in the aviation community, especially around folks such as RV builders. Occasionally, especially when closing out assemblies, Buck is assisted by his father, Pop Rivetz.

You should enjoy most any of these sites. It might seem that Buck approves any web site he sees. The reality is that he only reviews those sites worth reviewing.

"We’re here to help!"

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty (December 1997) - Chapter 1000's "local" supplier of stuff aeronautique

Exotic Aircraft Company (February 1998)

EAA Members Only (April 1998)

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