Aircraft our Members are Building or Flying

The following list of aircraft represent those types either currently being built or flown by members of Chapter 1000. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these aircraft, contact the EAA Chapter 1000 Web Page Director Russ Erb at He will pass on your name and phone number to the builder/flyer of that type.

Photos shown are representative of the type, and not necessarily photos of member's aircraft. Aircraft are typically alphabetized by aircraft name instead of manufacturer. If the aircraft is designated solely by a number (ex: Mooney 201), then it is alphabetized by manufacturer.

If you are interested in seeing member's actual aircraft or projects, then go to the Project Police Picture Pages Phor Pilots.

[Note: Don't bother asking about the Space Shuttle. It's true that one astronaut is an outright member of Chapter 1000 and the Astronaut Office as a whole is a member. All we'll give you on that one would be the general address to the Astronaut Office. Since these astronauts are also our friends, we must respect their right to privacy.]
Acro-Sport II BD-5B
Avid Mk 4 Bearhawk
Another Site
Berkut Beech Bonanza
Boredom Fighter Cessna 140
Cessna 170B Cessna 172XP
Cessna 175 Cessna 180
Cozy Discus sailplane
Dragonfly Christen Eagle
E-Racer Excalibur
Giles G-202 Glasair II-RG
Glasair II-S FT TS-11 Iskra
KIS KIS Cruiser
Kitfox 3.5 Kiwi
KR-2 Lancair 320/360
Long EZ Luscombe
Mooney 201 Mooney M20
Mustang II Navion
Nemesis Piper Pacer
Piper PA-16 Pitts Special
Pulsar Q-200
    Harmon Rocket
Harmon Rocket II Van's RV-4
Van's RV-6 Van's RV-6A
Van's RV-8 RANS S-10
Space Shuttle Stinson 108
Tandem Flybaby Thorp T-18
Grumman Tiger Grumman Traveler
TRI Q-200 Varieze

Pictures not shown because a) I don't have a picture, and b) I don't know what they are...

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