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EAA National, Chapter, and Fly-In Web Sites
Homebuilt Aircraft Manufacturer Web Sites
Homebuilt Aircraft Builder-Sponsored Web Sites
Other Aircraft Type Clubs
Homebuilt Engine Suppliers
Tools, Parts, and Equipment Suppliers Web Sites
Government, Professional Society, and Formal School Aviation Web Sites
Other Aviation Web Sites and Other Link Sites
E-mail Addresses for Companies Without Web Sites Yet

EAA National, Chapter, and Fly-In Web Sites

National EAA Web Site - Oshkosh WI
AOPA - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Soaring Society of America
Popular Flying Association - The United Kingdom's version of EAA
US Aerobatic Foundation
International Aerobatic Club
National Association of Flight Instructors
Women in Aviation, International
Sport Aircraft Association of Australia
Hellenic Experimental & Ultralight Aircraft Association
Experimental Aviation of Mexico
RSA Suisse - Swiss Experimental Aircraft Association
Russian Homebuilt Aircraft
South African Council of EAA Chapters

EAA and FAA Aviation Safety Data Site

EAA Chapter 1 - Flabob International Airport, Riverside, CA
EAA Chapter 2 - Fort Wayne, IN
EAA Chapter 13 - Detroit, MI
EAA Chapter 14 - San Diego, CA
EAA Chapter 17 - Knoxville, TN
EAA Chapter 21 - Evansville, IL
EAA Chapter 23 - Salt Lake City, UT
EAA Chapter 25 - Minneapolis, MN
EAA Chapter 31 - Eugene, OR
EAA Chapter 33 - Cedar Rapids, IA
EAA Chapter 37 - Miami, FL
EAA Chapter 44 - Rochester, NY
EAA Chapter 47 - St. Petersburg, FL
EAA Chapter 49 - Lancaster, CA
EAA Chapter 62 - San Jose, CA
EAA Chapter 65 - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
EAA Chapter 75 - Rock Island, IL
EAA Chapter 83 - Terre Haute, IN
EAA Chapter 93 - Madison, WI
EAA Chapter 96 - Torrance, CA
EAA Chapter 98 - Gainesville, FL
EAA Chapter 100 - Rochester, MN
EAA Chapter 111 - Muscatine, IA
EAA Chapter 115 - Brantford, Ontario, Canada
EAA Chapter 125 - El Paso, TX
EAA Chapter 133 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
EAA Chapter 146 - Ghent, NY
EAA Chapter 149 - Wauseon, OH
EAA Chapter 152 - Birmingham, AL
EAA Chapter 153 - Schaumberg, IL
EAA Chapter 156 - Hampton Roads, VA
EAA Chapter 170 - San Luis Obispo, CA
EAA Chapter 172 - Augusta, GA
EAA Chapter 174 - Cincinnati, OH
EAA Chapter 176 - Trenton, NJ
EAA Chapter 186 - Springfield, VA
EAA Chapter 193 - Jacksonville, FL
EAA Chapter 196 - Stow, MA
EAA Chapter 204 - Monterey, CA
EAA Chapter 211 - Grand Haven, MI
EAA Chapter 216 - Cross Keys, NJ
EAA Chapter 222 - Sweden
EAA Chapter 242 - Columbia, SC
EAA Chapter 245 - Ottowa, Ontario, Canada
EAA Chapter 268 - Marietta, GA
EAA Chapter 284 - Waynesville, OH
EAA Chapter 286 - North San Diego County, CA
EAA Chapter 288 - Daytona Beach, FL
EAA Chapter 292 - Independence, OR
EAA Chapter 319 - Medford, OR
EAA Chapter 320 - Watertown, WI
EAA Chapter 322 - Halfway House, South Africa
EAA Chapter 330 - Effingham County, GA
EAA Chapter 340 - Victoria, TX
EAA Chapter 342 - Cheyenne, WY
EAA Chapter 354 - Dawson, GA
EAA Chapter 414 - Lake County, IL
EAA Chapter 416 - Mobile, AL
EAA Chapter 425 - Zanesville,OH
EAA Chapter 441 - Kent, WA
EAA Chapter 448 - Upland, CA
EAA Chapter 475 - Freeport, IL
EAA Chapter 493 - San Angelo, TX
EAA Chapter 524 - Frederick, MD
EAA Chapter 527 - Santa Barbara, CA
EAA Chapter 532 - Easton, MD
EAA Chapter 555 - Las Cruces, NM
EAA Chapter 565 - Punta Gorda, FL
EAA Chapter 578 - Fremont, MI
EAA Chapter 651 - Green Bay, WI
EAA Chapter 655 - Denmark
EAA Chapter 690 - Lawrenceville, GA
EAA Chapter 724 - Merritt Island, FL
EAA Chapter 774 - Brookshire, TX
EAA Chapter 778 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa
EAA Chapter 790 - Barrington, IL
EAA Chapter 791 - New Port Richie, FL
EAA Chapter 812 - Ocala, FL
EAA Chapter 822 - Wetumpka, AL
EAA Chapter 846 - Wadsworth, OH
EAA Chapter 865 - Niles, MI
EAA Chapter 868 - Olathe, KS
EAA Chapter 889 - Kingsland, TX
EAA Chapter 891 - Sussex, NJ
EAA Chapter 902 - Mulino, OR
EAA Chapter 911 - Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
EAA Chapter 942 - London, KY
EAA Chapter 943 - Fernandina Beach, FL
EAA Chapter 983 - Granbury, TX
EAA Chapter 991 - Bielsko Biala, Poland
EAA Chapter 1017 - Weedsport, NY
EAA Chapter 1021 - Alpena, MI
EAA Chapter 1051 - Nova Scotia, Canada
EAA Chapter 1074 - Georgetown, CA
EAA Chapter 1083 - Salisbury, NC
EAA Chapter 1093 - Midland, MI
EAA Chapter 1106 - Pittsfield, MA
EAA Chapter 1129 - Farthest North Chapter, Fairbanks, AK
EAA Chapter 1147 - Kawasaki, Japan
EAA Chapter 1158 - West Bend, WI
EAA Chapter 1183 - Corvallis, OR
EAA Chapter 1187 - Envie, Italy
EAA Chapter 1200 - Ankara, Turkey
EAA Chapter 1210 - Biddeford, ME

Oregon State Experimental Aircraft Association Chapters
Arizona Council of EAA Chapters

EAA Ultralight Chapter 1 - Menomonee Falls, WI
EAA Ultralight Chapter 41 - Oshkosh, WI
EAA Ultralight Chapter 79 - Albany, OR
EAA Ultralight Chapter 103 - Miami, FL

IAC Chapter 12 - Denver, CO
IAC Chapter 67 - Seattle, WA
IAC Chapter 78 - Twin Cities, MN
IAC Chapter 88 - Southeastern, MI
IAC Chapter 95 - Louisville, KY

Warbirds Squadron 13 - Eugene, OR

EAA Explorer Basecamp.

EAA AirVenture Annual Convention (Oshkosh Fly-In)
Arlington Fly-In
Sun 'n' Fun
Copperstate Fly-In
Golden West EAA Regional Fly-In, Castle Airport, Atwater, CA
Rosamond Skypark (L00) - Rosamond CA, a favorite airport of Chapter 1000 and home for several members

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Homebuilt Aircraft Manufacturer Web Sites

Click on the manufacturer's name to go to the web site. Click on the name of the aircraft to see a picture of the aircraft.
Aeriane SA - P-Swift
AeroCad Inc - AeroCanard
Aerocomp, Inc. - Comp Monster, Air Comp 6, Merlin GT
Aerolight U.S.A. Inc - Fly Castelluccio
Air Command International, Inc - Commander (rotorcraft), Mazda Tandem
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty - One Design DR 107, Tailwind, Baby Lakes, Acrolite
Airdrome Aeroplanes, Inc. - Fokker DR-1, Fokker D-VI, Eindecker, Dream Classic
A.K.S. Inc. - Apex Cross 5, Apex Eco 6
American Affordable Aircraft - Vision
American Sportscopter, Inc. - UltraSport
Arnet Pereyra, Inc. - Aventura, Sabre II, Zephyr II, Buccaneer
Aviat Aircraft, Inc. - Christen Eagle, Pitts S-1S, Pitts S-1-11B, Pitts S-2C
Avid Aircraft Inc. - Bandit, Mark IV, Catalina, Magnum
Avions Mignet Benelux - HM1100 Cordouan, a Flying Flea derivative
Blue Yonder Aviation, Inc. - E-Z Flyer
Bradley Aerospace - Bradley Aerobat
British School of Paragliding - Pago Jet M4
Buckeye Industries, Inc. - Eagle, Falcon, Dream Machine
Carlson Aircraft, Inc. - Sparrow, Skycycle
CarterCopters, Inc - CarterCopter
CGS Aviation, Inc. - CGS Hawk
Graham Lee Circa Reproductions - Nieuport replicas
Co-Z Development Corp - Cozy
EasyUp - Parapropter
Erospace Technologies - Aurora
ESOTEC Developments - Hummingbird Aerobatic Airplane
Evans Aircraft - VP-1 Volksplane
Europa Aviation Ltd - Europa
Express Aircraft Co. LLC - Express
Fisher Flying Products - FP-303, FP-202 Koala, Super Koala, FP-404 EXP, FP-505, FP-606 Sky Baby, Classic, Dakota Hawk, R-80 Tiger Moth
Flightstar Inc - Flightstar, C-42 Cyclone
Flightstar Inc - Flightstar, C-42 Cyclone
Flying Flea Archive USA - Flying Flea
Glassic Composites, LLC - SQ2000
Golden Circle Air, Inc. - T-Bird
Griffon Aerospace, Inc. - Lionheart
Infinity Aerospace - Infinity I
Lancair International - Lancair
Laron Aviation Technologies, Inc. - Shadow, Streak Shadow, G Series, Star Streak, Wizard, Tundra, 1/2 TUN
Leza-Lockwood Corp. - Air Cam
Jim Maupin, Ltd. - Woodstock, Windrose II, Carbon Dragon
Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd. - Renegade, Spirit, Rebel, Maverick, SR-2500, Elite
Mustang Aeronautics - Midget Mustang, Mustang II
Northeast Sailplane Products - Discus Sailplane
Paladin Industries, Inc. - Golden Eagle Mark IV
Paraborne Aviation - Buckshot, Whisper
Para-Cycle - Segovia
Paramotor Inc. - Paramotor
ParaPlane International Corp. - Osprey, Wind Dancer, Golden Eagle
Parascender Technologies - Parascender
Paxman's Northern Lite Aerocraft - Viper
Phoenix Industries, Inc. - ParaFlyer
Quad City Aircraft Corp. - Challenger
Quicksilver Aircraft -Quicksilver
RagWing Aviation - RagWing Special, Stork, Ultra-Piet, Midwing Sport, Heath Replica, RagWing Parasol, RagWing PT2S, Motor Bipe, Rag-a-bond
Rainbow Aircraft (Pty) Ltd. - Aerotrike
Raisner Aircraft Depot - Antares
Renaissance Composites - Berkut
Revolution Helicopter Corp., Inc. - Mini 500
Rhyme Company - Backpack Helicopter
Rotorway International - Exec
Seawind S.N.A. Inc. - Seawind
Six-Chuter, Inc. - SR-3, SR-5, SR-7
Skystar Aircraft Corp - Kitfox, Vixen, Pulsar
Sparrow Hawk Aviation Ltd. - Sparrow Hawk
Sonex, Ltd. - Sonex
Star-Lite Engineering - Warp 1-A
Stewart 51 Inc. - Stewart S-51 (All Aluminum P-51D Subscale Replica)
Stoddard Hamilton Aircraft Inc - Glasair II-RG, Glasair II-FT, Glasair II-TD, Glasair III, GlaStar
Supermarine Aircraft Factory - Replica Metal Warbirds, Melbourne Australia
TEAM-38 - 80% P-38
Tiger Aviation, Inc. - Jabiru
Titan Aircraft - Tornado
Ultimate Flite Designs - Super Jetwing II ATV
U.S. Airborne - Edge
U.S. Pacific - B-10 and U-2 Mitchell Wing
Usinage Valmecot Inc. - Sea-Bow
Van's Aircraft - RV-3, RV-4, RV-6, RV-6A, RV-8
Velocity Aircraft - Velocity
Viper Aircraft - Viperfan
Vortech - Shadow, Skylark I
Warner Aerocraft, Inc. - Revolution
Zenith Aircraft Co - Zodiac, Zenair

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Homebuilt Aircraft Builder-Sponsored Web Sites

Bearhawk - Paul Beam's Site [Picture]
Bearhawk - Tom Brant's Site [Picture]
Boredom Fighter - [Picture]
Canard Aviator's Page - Long-EZ, Varieze, Quickie, Velocity, Cozy, Q-200, Tri-Q-200
Cozy Mk IV
Dragonfly - [Picture]
Dyke Delta
Christen Eagle
E-Racer - [Picture]
K.P. Aviation - Europa
Glass Goose
Harmon Rocket II
The Kitfox Builder - Authorized Sales Rep
Papa-51 Thunder Mustang Replica
John's Parasol Wing Page - Pietenpols, Heaths, Corben Aces, Pober Pixies and any other open cockpit plane with a strut and cabane mounted wing
Pietenpol - Buckeye Pietenpol Association
John Hovan's Home Page - RV Heaven!
The RV Journal - Sam Buchanan's RV Web Site
RV Builders mailing list: send an e-mail to and include the word "subscribe" in the body of the message: rv-list-request@matronics.com

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Other Aircraft Type Clubs

The International Cessna 170 Association
Cessna Pilots Association
Southwest and National Stinson Clubs
American Yankee Organization - American/Grumman American Tiger, Traveler, Yankee, etc
Short Wing Piper Club - Clipper, Vagabond, Pacer, Tri-Pacer, and Colt
Soaring Server

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Homebuilt Engine Suppliers

Ellison Fluid Systems Inc. - Throttle Body Injectors
Great Plains Aircraft Supply Co. - VW-based aircraft engine kits and components
Stratus Inc - Subaru Engine Conversions
Turbine Technologies, Ltd. - TRJ-200

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Tools, Parts, and Equipment Suppliers Web Sites

The AeroElectric Connection - Absolutely the homebuilder's BEST reference on designing Aircraft Electrical Systems!
Aerox - Aircraft oxygen systems
GPS for Fun - Adventure GPS Products
Aircraft Shopper Online
Aircraft Spruce and Specialty
Air-Head Pilot Shop
Airparts, Inc - aircraft aluminum and more
Astradyne Inc
Avemco Insurance
Avery Tools
Aviation Teachware Technologies - ELITE Flight Simulator
Avidyne - Put a computer in your homebuilt
Chief Aircraft
Cleaveland Aircraft Tool
Concorde Battery Corporation
Control Vision Corporation - Quick build electrical systems for experimental aircraft
Digi-Key Electronics
Discount Tactical Knives - Knives, "Leatherman" tools, canopy breaker tools, Ripoff holsters
Fibre Glast Developments Corporation - Fiberglass and composite materials
Freeman Aviation, Inc. - Aircraft hardware and accessories, source for rod end bearings
Full Lotus Manufacturing Inc - floats
Garmin - GPS and avionics
Gregory Fretz Skysports
Gulf Coast Avionics
Hand-Crafted Specialty Products - Leather products and information on aircraft upholstery
Harbor Freight
HCI Aviation - HCI 75 HP radial engine kit
HPower Ltd - HKS 700E 60 HP engine from Japan
Jensen Tools
Jeppesen - charts, approach plates, flight planning software
J. P. Instruments
Leading Edge Air Foils
LightSPEED Aviation -- active noise reduction headsets
Lindsay Books - Catalog of Metal Working Books, including books on making your own foundry, lathe, drill press, etc.
Long-EZ.com - Products and Upgrades for Long-EZ, Cozy, Velocity
Marv Golden Sales
McMaster Carr
Metalcraft Tools - formerly Motorsports Tools
Mouser Electronics
MSC Industrial Supply Company
Newark Electronics
Mr. Ni-Cad - batteries for all your needs
Northwest Aero Products - Propeller Speed Reduction Units (PRSUs)
Ol' Joint Jigger - Tube and Pipe Notcher
Platinum Avionics - Custom Built Kitpanels for Homebuilt Aircraft
Preston Peavy, Inc. - PC Based GPS Moving Map Display Systems
Poly Fiber
R.A. Miller Industries, Inc. - Aviation Antennas
Rocky Mountain Instrument - mu Encoder and mu Monitor
Scaled Composites
Sensenich Propeller Manufacturing Company
Sensenich Wood Propeller Manufacturing Company
Sigtronics Corporation - VOX intercoms & headsets, aviation and emergency communications
S-Tec Corporation - Autopilots
Telex - headsets
TM Technologies - Cool Tools and Methods for Better Metalworking from Kent White The Tin Man
UPS Aviation Technologies - Apollo Avionics
Vapor Tech - d-limonene based cleaners
Wag-Aero Group
Wicks Aircraft Supply
The Worldwide Composites Search Engine

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Government, Professional Society, and Formal School Aviation Web Sites

Federal Aviation Administration
Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB
USAF Test Pilot School, Edwards AFB
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards AFB
Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB
National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC
NASM Paul Garber Restoration Facility
National Test Pilot School, Mojave CA
Society of Flight Test Engineers (SFTE)
Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP)
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
United States Air Force Academy, CO
United States Postal Service -- look up zip codes, calculate postage, and all sorts of useful stuff
Darton Aviation -- T-28 Trojan Flight Training

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Other Aviation Web Sites and Other Link Sites

Landings - General Aviation Server
AVweb - The Internet aviation magazine
Airbum.com - Budd Davisson's site, archiving his many years of aviation writing
Stalag 13 Aeropage Another excellent link page.
International Aviation Directory - listing and search engine of aviation companies
Open Air Net
Flight of the Eagles - Tour packages to the Greatest Airshows
Alexander SportAir Center - builder workshops
Homebuilt Homepage
Aerocrafter Home Page
Aero Sports Connection - Ultralights
Sport Flyer's Internet Resources
Ultralight Home Page
Aviation Archive Site
Aviation Enthusiast's Corner
The Aviators Hangar
Aviation Home Page
The Aviation On-Line Network
Bates Engineering - Design and analysis software for propellers
The Flightline Aviation Archive
Michele's Hangar
Northwest Aviation
Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines
Total Aviation
National Soaring Museum - Elmira, New York
US Naval Observatory Master Clock
U.S. Aviator Magazine
Kansas City Dawn Patrol
Tom Reilly Vintage Aircraft Flying Tigers - Warbird Restoration Museum, Kissimmee, FL
Barnaby Wainfan - KITPLANES Wind Tunnel author and Facetmobile designer
Conceptual Research Corp. - RDS-Homebuilt PC Software for Homebuilt Aircraft Design & Analysis by Daniel P. Raymer
AeroLogic - PSW, CMARC, LOFTSMAN/P, CMARC/VSAERO, and POSTMARC analysis software
InterJet Online Services, Inc. - an online directory and search engine of nearly every business or organization in aviation
Comprehensive directory of Alaska Flight Operations
River Rat Ranch Ultralight Web Site
Muche's Warbirds - Warbird Photography
Frequently Asked Questions about Amateur-Built Aircraft - includes electronic copies of AC 43.13-1b, Acceptable Methods, Techniques, Practices Aircraft Inspection and Repair
Steve Philipson's Web Page - Articles on Mountain Wave flying and other topics
Visual Approach - Aviation and Flight Simulation Resources
Prodigal Wings - Sport Aviation Advertising
Bushpilot - Catalog sales

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E-mail Addresses for Companies Without Web Sites Yet

Adventure Air Ltd - e-mail - Adventurer Amphibians
AeroImports - email - Cosmos Echo 12, Cosmos Phase II
AeroLites, Inc - e-mail - Bearcat, AeroMaster AG, AeroSkiff
Air Creation - email - Fun Racer 447, XP Racer 503, Twin 503, Clipper 582C
Alturair - email - BD-5
Ameri-Cana Ultralights - email - Eureka
A.S.A.P. - e-mail - Chinook Plus 2, Beaver RX-550 Plus
Bateleur Sky Sports - email - Windlass
Biplanes of Yesteryear - email - Mifyter
Bohemican International - email - Alpin, Junior, Duo
Bowdler Aviation Inc. - email - Supercat
Capella Aircraft Corp - e-mail - Capella
Circa Reproductions - email - Nieuport
Classic Sport Aircraft - email -
Cosy Europe - email - Cosy Classic
Co-Z Development Corp. - email - Cozy III, Cozy Mk IV
Desert Aviation - email - Staggerlite
Shirl Dickey Enterprises - email - E-Racer
Eklund Engineering - e-mail - Thorp T-18
Falconar Avia - e-mail - Falconar
Finch Engineering - email - Finchbird III
Flying K Enterprises Inc. - email - Sky Raider
Formula Power Inc - e-mail
Formula Power Inc - alternate e-mail
Great Airplanes Inc. - email - Great Lakes Sport Trainer
Group Genesis, Inc - e-mail - Genesis I
Henderson Aero Specialties - email - Henderson Little Bear
Historical Aircraft Corp - email - PZL P.11c
Little Wing Autogyro, Inc. - email - Roto-Pup
Mid America Aircraft, Inc. - email - Pitts' 12 Monster
North American Rotorwerks - email - Pit Bull
Osprey Aircraft - email - Osprey 2, GP-4
Paramotor Aviation Canada - email - Adventure F1, F2, F3, F4
Parrish Aircraft - email - Dart
PRIMAC ind. e com. ltda - email - Moskitto M-10
Sherwood America Aviation - email - Sherwood Ranger
Slepcev Aircraft Industry - email - Slepcev Storch
Specter Aircraft, Inc. - email - Specter II
W. Spring - email - Sprint WS202
Richard Steeves - email - Mini-Imp, Coot A
Tapanee Aviation - email - Pegazair-100
Turner Aircraft Inc - e-mail - Turner T-40
US Aviation - e-mail - SuperFloater, Cumulus, CAVU
Viking Aircraft - email - Dragonfly, Cygnet
Wings of Freedom Aviation Inc. - email - Flitplane
Zodiac Helicopters - email - Talon Turbine

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